Spoilers: More Details from Last Night’s WWE SmackDown Tapings in Toledo

– Thanks to Tatiana for the following updated spoilers from last night’s SmackDown tapings in Toledo, Ohio:



* The opening segment with Mark Henry and Zack Ryder didn’t have Ryder announce Randy Orton vs. Henry for tonight and ended up being Henry vs. Ezekiel Jackson. Ryder said Henry and Orton both had matches tonight but couldn’t touch each other under a rule from Teddy Long.

* The Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd match was better than usual. Josh Matthews interviewed Cara after the match and he talked in both Spanish and English. Matthews questioned if Cara speaks English. Cara said this is the real him and he’s been holding back out of respect but won’t hold back anymore. Daniel Bryan did come out and challenge Cara to a match for next week. Cara hit him with a low kick and used the LaBell Lock on him.

* There was another backstage segment with Aksana flirting with Teddy Long.

* After Kelly Kelly beat Natalya, Beth Phoenix tried to attack her but Kelly escaped.

* After Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne beat The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal, Khali walked out on Mahal because of more arguing after Mahal slapped Khali. Mahal got pissed and went off on the mic, which brought out Triple H. Mahal was talking to Triple H in Punjab and got Pedigree’d. Triple H picked him up for another Pedigree as the crowd went crazy. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t taped for TV.

* I don’t think Henry actually attacked Orton with the steel chair after the main event. Henry came down and reversed an RKO into a World’s Strongest Slam and then took a seat in a chair that was set up above Orton’s neck.

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