*Spoilers* ECW on SyFy Tapings – August 4th, 2009

Source: PWInsider



– Here are ECW on SyFy tapings for tonight’s show:

Dark Match:

* Jimmy Wang Yang beat Alex Riley.

ECW Airing Tonight:

*Ezekiel Jackson won a squash.

*Sheamus defeated Goldust. Sheamus began running down Goldust after but Dust attacked him from behind and they scuffled briefly.

*There was an Abraham Washington segment but I missed it. The guest was Shelton Benjamin.

*They aired a promo with Tommy Dreamer saying he was going to win the ECW title back tonight in his match and in front of his people.

*They showed ECW champion Christian Cage walking backstage carrying a car door in preparation for his Extreme Rules bout.

*Dreamer pushed out a hot dog cart with weapons. Cage had his car door. Lots of plunder early. Christian was tossed into the crowd. He hit a dropkick off the rail into a trash can Dreamer was bringing to hit him with. Cage went for a tornado DDT but Dreamer reversed it, sending Cage down onto two trash cans. Dreamer tied Christian to the tree of woe and put a can over his face, then smashed it with a crutch. Cage went to ram Dreamer with the car door but Dreamer punched him. Dreamer went for a piledriver on the car door but Cage reversed into the Killswitch and scored the pin. Real fun match and a lot more plunder then you’d expect from PG WWE. Good stuff here.

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