*Spoilers* ECW on SyFy Tapings – Nov. 17th

– Thanks to Mark Gessner and Prowrestling.net for these live spoilers of tonight’s ECW from Philadelphia:



* CM Punk cut a backstage promo saying that him being a former member of ECW and going on to become the first ever three-time straight edge champion is the proudest moment in ECW history. His return tonight will be the loudest and longest ovation in ECW history.

* Opening pyro

* Zack Ryder came out with Rosa Menedez and cut a promo about how happy he is to have Rosa in his corner. Shelton Benjamin came out and said maybe this week maybe Ryder should sit in the corner, while him and Rosa can have a wrestling match. Benjamin proceed to call Ryder a tool. Ryder punched him and took off with Rosa. Ryder vs Benjamin will take place later tonight.

* Hurricane pinned Paul Burchill (w/Katie Lea). The stipulation was Burchill would leave ECW or Hurricane would unmask. Great nearfalls after about 10 minutes of action. Burchill hit his version of the Pele kick, northern lights suplex, and jackhammer all for two counts. Hurricane countered another jackhammer attempt into the Eye of the Hurricane for a two-count. Hurricane went to top rope, but Burchill caught him. Burchill attempted a superplex, but Hurricane hit an amazing spinning neckbreaker/twist of fate for the pinfall. Burchill and Katie Lea got serenaded with the goodbye song.

* Backstage, Punk called out Tiffany for drinking. She told him to lighten up and try it sometime. She then welcomed him back to ECW.

* They did a skit taped earlier at Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks joint. Dreamer and Golddust took Yoshi to eat. Dreamer told Yoshi all the wrong things to say and gave him Yankees hat. The cooks made Yoshi’s sandwich extra spicy buy Goldy switched them by mistake. Dreamer was stuck with a burning mouth and no drink.

* Vance Archer squashed a jobber. A fan behind us yelled, “Vance has a tramp stamp,” which made the section laugh. Archer won with his reverse DDT finisher.

* Christian and Punk were shown talking backstage. Christian asked if part of being straight edge means he can’t hold hands with a girl or if he has a curfew? He said his peeps in Philadelphia don’t call Punk straight edge, they call him a nerd. Punk said he was the first ever three-time straight edge champion. Christian responded, “You were a champion, but I still am,” and walked away.

* This segment set up Punk and William Regal vs. Christian and R-Truth.

* The MSG video from last night was shown with Empire State of Mind and included highlights of the triple threat tag match from Raw.

* C.M. Punk and William Regal defeated Christian and R-Truth. Punk came out to the loudest ovation of the night so far, which I expected from Philly. Christian and Truth hit stereo missile drop kicks early. Christian hit Regal with a dropkick through the ropes and Truth dove over the top rope and hit Punk with a crossbody.

Truth and Christian were on the offensive early, but Truth and Regal came back, working over Truth’s knee. Truth hot tagged Christian, who hit a tornado DDT on Punk for a near fall. Punk kicked out and hit a shining wizard on Christian. Christian came back and went for a Killswitch. However, behind the refs back, Regal hit the running knee and Punk followed up with the GTs for the pinfall. Truth sold his knee. Fun match.

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