*Spoilers* Full Superstars Tapings – Sept. 10th, 2009

– Here are full WWE Superstars spoilers for this Thursday’s show on WGN America:



Taped Before RAW:

* Sheamus beat Yoshi Tatsu. Sheamus dominated this match and pinned Tatsu in about 5 minutes.

* Jack Swagger and The Miz beat Primo and and Kofi Kingston. Wow does The Miz know how to rile up a crowd, I wish he would get more of a main event push. I sat in a good row. Lots of cheers for Kofi and fans chanting his name. The match ended with Miz pinning Kofi after his Skull Crushing Finale finisher. Lots of heat for Miz and Swagger on the way out.

Taped Before SmackDown:

* Nikki Bella b. Katie Lea after the twin switch as Brie got the pin after a cross-body off the top rope.

* Kane b. Jimmy Wang Yang in a quick squash match. After the bout, Kane beat Jimmy down with a Singapore Cane.

* Dolph Ziggler b. Slam Master J
– Solid back and forth match.

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