*Spoilers* More Details from Last Night’s WWE Tapings

WWE SmackDown, ECW and Superstars Tapings in Orlando, Florida
December 20th, 2009 – Report by Patrick Dirusso



Good attendance tonight, 85% full.

Dark Match

* Shelton Benjamin pins Tyler Reks. Reks draws heat by saying “Where were all of you when I needed you” Shelton wins in under 5 minutes.


* Segment where Jack Swagger comes out and promises to be the next ECW Champion.

* Zack Ryder pins Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer dominated most of the match.

* The Abraham Washington Show with guests Trent Baretta and Caylon Croft. Washington makes Tiger Woods jokes before introducing Croft & Baretta. They try to draw heat but get very little. These guys need more mic work.

* Backstage segment with Christian and Yoshi Tatsu. Swagger interrupts and accuses Christian of trying to “coach” Yoshi. Swagger says it will do him no good becuase he says he will “steamroll” through Yoshi tonight and then beat Christian for the ECW title. Yoshi calls Swagger a jackass after he walks away.

* Vance Archer pins Goldust in an ECW Homecoming qualifying match.

* Yoshi Tatsu pins Jack Swagger in an ECW Homecoming qualifying match.

WWE Superstars

* Ezekiel Jackson vs. Vladimir Kozlov ends in a double countout. They brawled outside not very long after the match began. Quick to say the least.

* Segment with Drew McIntyre. He claims to have been the chosen one by Vince McMahon and that Vince McMahon was “correct in chosing him” becuase he is the new Intercontinental Champion. John Morrison interrupts. Morrision informs McIntyre that Teddy Long has approved his rematch for the IC title at Royal Rumble. They brawl and Morrison hits the Starship Pain on McIntyre.

* Kane defeats Mike Knox in a decent match. Decent pop for Kane.

Friday Night SmackDown

* Opens with Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long in the kitchen. Vickie brags about her “delicious Christmas recipes” including potatoes and turkey. When her back is turned, Hornswoggle appears on the table and tages a huge bite out of her turkey.

* John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Finlay, and R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, CM Punk and Lke Gallows. Good match, lots of back and forth. All eight men were in the ring at the same time hitting their finishers. Morrisin hits Starship Pain on Ziggler for the pin.

* Rey Mysterio vs. Undertaker ended in DQ when Batista attacked Taker during the match, as Taker was about to deliver the chokeslam on Rey. Saw this one coming a mile away. Taker laid out Batista and then Rey hit Taker with the hurricanrana and Batista with 619. It was a mess.

* Cyime Tyme rolled Slam Master J, dressed as Santa, backstage. They stole his gift bag, Santa jacket, and went out and tossed the gifts to the fans at ringside.

* Cryme Tyme defeat two jobbers. They continued handing out presents and gifts to ringside fans.

* Mickie James and Maria defeated Beth Phoenix and Layla. Lots of heat for Layla and Michelle McCool who was doing commentary at ringside. After Mickey pinned Layla, she went to get her some of McCool. That led to a 3 on 2 attack which did not bode well for Mickie and Maria.

* Segment with Chris Jericho where he whines and complains about losing the tag belts to DX. He then questions why the Hart Dynasty is deserving of a title shot. Harts come down. Jericho backstrokes a little but again questions why they deserve tag title shot. DX interuppts them via the big screen.

DX say they have Christmas presents for Jericho and Hart Dynasty. For Jericho, they have a “Tickle Me Big Show” doll which farts when you press his stomach. They also have a one way ticket out of RAW. For the Hart Dynasty they have a 1 way ticket to Canada where there is snow, bears, hockey, more snow and more bears. Pretty typical DX stuff here.

Jericho then tells Hart Dynasty to make an impact because this is how DX plays their immature childish games. And then, the Hart Dynasty hit their finisher on Jericho.

* Another segment with Vickie and Teddy. Vickie apologizes for the previous Hornswoggle interruption. Vickie shows off her stuffing recipe which Teddy finds disgusting and asks how the Guerreros can eat that stuff. Hornswoggle appears again and throws a pie in both Vickie and Teddy’s face.

* DX beat The Hart Dynasty in the main event with a Pedigree. Before the match, Triple H gives his own rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” After the match, Hornswoggle appears and poses with DX as SmackDown goes off the air.

Dark Main Event:

* Undertaker pins Batista following a Tombstone.

Biggest Pops: Undertaker, DX, Rey Mysterio

Biggest Heat: Batista, Chris Jericho, CM Punk

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