*Spoilers* Partial TNA iMPACT Tapings – May 27th

– Thanks to Tim Capture & WrestlingNewsworld.com for these partial TNA iMPACT spoilers, airing next Thursday night on Spike. The rest will be taped tonight in Orlando.



* They advertised Half Pint Brawlers coming to Spike on June 2nd. One of the stars, Puppet joins the commentary team.

* Announced as for Impact, for the TNA Knockouts Titles, Sarita and Taylor Wilde vs. The Beautiful People. Winner via a claw slam from Lacey onto Taylor, The Beautiful People. Puppet celebrates in the ring with them afterwards and smacks Velvet’s butt so they beat Puppet up. Lacey feels bad about it and checks on Puppet. When she does he kisses her. She breaks free and goes in for more and makes out with him again.

* Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal. Flair comes out during the match and distracts Lethal allowing Kaz to take over. Winner after another Flair distraction, Kazarian via schoolboy. Flair attacks Lethal afterwards and beats on him for awhile until Lethal turns it around and takes over. He hits a back body drop and clotheslines Flair out of the ring. AJ Styles then runs out and attacks Lethal. Kaz stops him so he can do it instead but Lethal dropkicks both of them out.

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