*Spoilers* Superstars Tapings – August 13th, 2009

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– Here are some notes and Superstars spoilers for this week’s show taped before RAW tonight in Calgary.


There were several hearty rounds of “Bret Screwed Bret” and Ric Flair Woos. They played a video package on the Titantron just hyping the WWE that was pretty good, actually.

Superstars, Airing Thursday:

Jim Ross got a great ovation….Todd Grisham did not. Lillian Garcia came out and got a good reaction.

* John Morrison vs. D.H. Smith. They both got a great pop coming out, and another round of “Bret Screwed Bret”. It was a decent match with Morrison doing his usual amazing self. He won after a great Starship Pain.

* About to go live! They announced that we were going live, but apparently they taped another Superstars match.

* The King comes out to a great pop. Michael Cole got booed.

* Mixed tag match: Mickie James and Kofi Kingston vs. Carlito and Rosa Mendes: Kofi and Mickie got some great crowd reaction. The match was alright, with most of the cheers going to Kofi and Mickie. Carlito and Rosa won, but it was mostly a one-sided match.

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