*Spoilers* Superstars Tapings – Sept. 17th, 2009

Source: Prowrestling.net



– Here are partial WWE Superstars spoilers for this Thursday’s show on WGN:

* “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters d. Santino Marella by submission. Huge pop for Santino and an immediate “Santino” chant. Some quick comedy to start, but Masters hit a stalling vertical suplex after Santino couldn’t get him up for a bodyslam. Masters locked in a bearhug and the crowd rallied behind the local boy.

After seemingly breaking it, Masters reapplied the hold. Santino began his Hulk up routine. Marella applied a Masterlock on Masters, to which Chris broke free of quickly and applied the hold himself. The crowd was hugely into Santino, but he tapped out.

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