Spoilers: TNA Impact Tapings – 6/13/2013

– TNA taped the June 13th episode of Impact Wrestling last night in Atlanta. Here are spoilers:



* Joseph Park beat Crimson in a Bound For Glory Series qualifier

* Magnus beat Rob Terry, Kenny King and Matt Morgan in a BFG Series qualifier

* Velvet Sky called out Mickie James. Velvet says she’s been cleared to wrestle. Mickie attacked her and took out her knee in a heel turn.

* Kaz and Daniels beat Gunner and James Storm in a BFG Series qualifying match

* Austin Aries beat Eric Young in a BFG Series qualifier

* Hulk Hogan came out and talked about the BFG Series. He introduced Jeff Hardy, who promised he will win this year. Bobby Roode interrupted. Hogan announces Open Fight Night for next week and fans will pick Hardy or Roode to see who gets to kick off the series. Bully Ray comes out and wants Aces & 8s members in the Series. Hogan announces a battle royal with Aces members. The winner will get a spot in the Series.

* Sting announces he’s bringing back The Main Event Mafia to watch his back.

* Mr. Anderson won a BFG Series spot and the Aces & 8s battle royal. All members eliminated themselves so Anderson could win, except DOC. They fought but Anderson won. DOC argued with his partners after the match.

* AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle. Aces & 8s ended up beating Angle down and AJ left. Rampage Jackson appeared and chased Aces off with a big chain. Impact ends with a staredown between Angle and Rampage.

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