*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – 9/10 & 9/17

– Courtesy of Wrestling News World, here are TNA iMPACT spoilers for the next week and a half, taped Tuesday night in Orlando:



* The broadcast crew of Mike Tenay, Taz and SoCal Val is announced by Dave Penzer. No Spanish announcers as there are referees sitting at the Spanish announce table.

* Kip James b. Serpent (Kevin Thorn) with the Fameasser. This may be a dark match, it may be part of the second half of next week’s episode. The pyro did not go off prior to the match.

* Kurt Angle comes out in his ring gear for a promo. He calls out Matt Morgan to talk before No Surrender. Angle says he’s on the verge of being the newest member of the Main Event Mafia. Sting comes out with AJ Styles. Sting can’t believe that Morgan believes Angle would have his back at No Surrender. He thinks Morgan should get in Angle’s face and talk trash. Angle says that Sting doesn’t want to pass the torch to AJ, he just wants his one last shot at glory. Angle admits he just wants to keep the TNA Championship. No Matt Morgan calls Angle out on it and says he’s just trying to use him. Why not use him tonight his match? Morgan tells AJ to use him tonight.

* It was announced in the previous segment it will be Daniels & AJ Styles with Sting in their corner vs. Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe with Matt Morgan in their corner later tonight. Also announced is Kevin Nash vs. Mick Foley for the TNA Legends Championship.

* 8-Man Tag Team Gauntlet Match is up now. Every ninety seconds someone comes out. Order of entrance: Brother Devon, Doug Williams, Robert Roode, Scott Steiner, Brother Ray, Booker T and finally James Storm. Brutus Magnus pinned Scott Steiner after a blind tag and a 3D.

* The Motor City Machineguns are out at their commentary table.

* Tara vs. Cody Deaner in a Mixed Martial Arts rules match is up next. MMA rules mean rope breaks. The referee is knocked out. Awesome Kong comes out and gives Tara a splash and Butterfly Buster. The referee comes too and calls for the bell, signaling a TKO. Tara was wearing Tapout shorts, shirt and hat. The Tapout logos had tape covering them.

* World Elite comes out. Rob Terry is carrying Homicide on his shoulder as Eric Young gets on the mic. Young says Hernandez comes out and joins World Elite or Homicide’s blood is on his hands. Hernandez comes out and beats up World Elite and clears the ring. Homicide swerves him and gives Hernandez a chair shot. Hernandez is beat down by World Elite. Homicide shakes hands with Eric Young and smiles then drapes the Mexican flag over Hernandez. Homicide is held up on the British Invasions’ shoulders and celebrates. He goes after the crowd for calling him a sellout.

* AJ Styles & Daniels w/Sting b. Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe after AJ reverses Angle into a chair as Morgan is holding and schoolboys Angle for the pin. Matt Morgan comes out later and sits in a chair at ringside. After the match Morgan is in the ring with Angle. Angle hit Morgan and Morgan gives him the Hellevator. Kurt Angle demanded it and go it – the featured bout tonight is Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan.

* The Impact opening airs and the pyro goes off now.

* The Pope D’Angelo Dinero b. Suicide via running knees.

* Rhino comes out for an in-ring promo. Rhino says he doesn’t play politics, he just comes week after week and does his thing. He name drops Christian Cage and says he got a superstar welcome. He says TNA took advantage and used his personal demons in TNA. Sure he likes to drink some, so what? Now he says he liked Jesse Neal but didn’t like his change in attitude and is going to kick his butt. That brings him to Bobby Lashley. He says this isn’t MMA. He’ll take a steel chair to him and make him bleed. He saw Dixie Carter talking to Lashley and wonders when the last time she talked to him was. Rhino signed the match because he wants to make Lashley bleed and stand over him while he begs him to stop beating him. Brother Devon comes out. Devon says Rhino doesn’t sound like he’s angry, he sounds like he’s a bitch. Devon had to stop Brother Ray from beating up Rhino from beating up Jesse Neal. Devon brings up the young Rhino in ECW that they helped out and brought under their wing. Devon suggests he and Rhino put this behind them and go to the back and trade stories. Rhino attacks Devon and set up for the Gore but Brother Ray runs in. They fit until security and referees come in and break it up.

* Semi-Final Match in the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament: The Beautiful People b. Tara & Christy Hemme. Madison Rayne came down and sprayed Christy Hemme in the face with a spray and Velvet Sky rolled Hemme up for the win. Madison has a bag and says she’s sorry. They accept her apology and she is once again a member of The Beautiful People.

* Hernandez b. Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir in a Handicap Match after a Border Toss. After the match, Homicide runs out and distracts Hernandez so Eric Young can deliver some big chair shots to him.

* Alissa Flash vs. Cody Deaner in a lumberjack match features the lumberjacks beating Deaner up then throwing him into the ring so Alissa could pin him. The lumberjacks were Roxxi, Sarita, Tara, Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong, Traci, Hamada, The Beautiful People, Sojo Bolt, Daffney and Christy Hemme. After the match, ODB comes out and knocks out Deaner.

* Dr. Stevie b. Jay Lethal via knockout with the Cobra Clutch in a match taped for Xplosion.

* Scott Steiner w/Booker T & Brutus Magnus w/The British Invasion b. Robert Roode w/James Storm & Brother Ray w/Brother Devon. The referee was distracted which allowed Williams to come in and hit Roode with a belt shot and allow Magnus to get the pin.

* TNA Legends Champion Kevin Nash b. Mick Foley via disqualification. Abyss ran out for no reason which caused the disqualification. Nash was beating up Foley prior to the run-in. Foley is mad and told Abyss he cost him the title. Foley no sold Abyss’ attempt at a hug as he left with Abyss’ barbwire baseball bat.

* Semi-Final Match in the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament: Sarita & Taylor Wilde b. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed after Wilde hit a German suplex on Raisha into a pin. Kong was mad Saeed lost the match for their team and stormed off.

* Kurt Angle comes out and joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary.

* TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan ends when Morgan gets too close to Angle at the announce table and he gets attacked. Daniels came out and fought Samoa Joe to the back. Angle gives Morgan an Angle Slam through a table to end the show.

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