*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Feb. 4th & 11th

– Thanks to JP Nichols and PWInsider for these TNA iMPACT spoilers. TNA has now taped all the shows going into the Against All Odds pay-per-view on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.



* Samoa Joe defeats Jesse Neal via muscle buster.

* Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeat ODB and Traci Brooks when Wilde got a victory roll on Traci.

* Bischoff said that last week Hogan made it clear that he and Foley needed to get along and that Foley wants no part of that. Mick comes out. Foley puts over that he likes everybody but Eric is an exception. Calls Eric the opposite of everything that he believes in. Foley mentions how he came into the business as a salesman. Eric says it’s not about the two of them but it’s about Foley’s decision. Foley mentions that Eric has messed with the lives of Jeremy Borash and Abyss. Eric says that if Foley won’t turn to get on the same page then he will have to. Mick says that Eric has not learned from WCW. Eric says that he still holds Abyss and Borash’s futures in his hands. Since Foley attacked Nash backstage Foley will face Nash tonight in a no disqualification match.

* Mike Tenay is in the ring and he introduces the Nasty Boys who will be facing Team 3D at Against All Odds. He then introduces Team 3D. Crowd chants ‘Kill the Nastys’ and ‘We don’t need you’. Ray calls the Nastys punks. He then says that last week they wrapped chairs around their heads. Ray asks where they have been for the last ten years. Saggs says they are still nasty. Devon puts over their accomplishments. Knobbs says that on Valentine’s Day they will kick the crap out of them.

* Kevin Nash defeats Mick Foley via a boot to the face. Hall and Waltman enter through the crowd and laid out Nash after the match before leaving.

* D’Angelo Dinero defeats Orlando Jordan via DDE. (JP did not know if this was a second match or a redo of their Monday match)

* Ken Anderson and Kurt Angle defeats Desmond Wolfe and Hernandez when Anderson pinned Wolfe. Angle and Anderson had communication problems throughout the match. After Angle hit the angle slam on Wolfe Anderson made a blind tag and to get the victory.

They shoot the opening for the February 11th episode.

* Hulk Hogan comes out and says everyone is talking about TNA. He says tonight the impact zone is on full lockdown. He has done this because of The Band taking out Nash last week. Eric Young comes out and says that he and Nash are friends and wants Waltman and Hall to be let in. Hogan says that Eric is one of the handful of guys that made him want to come to TNA. He says that the lockdown is a done deal. He says he would do what Nash would do and go out to them. Hogan says just take it off the property and ‘bust them up real good’. The two shake hands.

For February 11 Impact

* Matt Morgan defeats Suicide via Carbon Footprint in an Against All Odds tournament qualifier.

* TNA X Division Champion Doug Williams defeats Amazing Red via Chaos Theory to retain the TNA X Division title.

* The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) defeat TNA Knockouts Champion Tara and Angelina Love in a Handicap match. Angelina had Velvet down for the three count, but the referee was distracted by Madison having Tara in a choke. While the referee was distracted Lacey hit Angelina with the ugly stick allowing Velvet to pin Love. After the match the Beautiful People beat down Tara and Angelina with Lacey hitting Tara with the ugly stick.

* Angle comes out in his ring gear. He calls out Hogan’s boys. (Maybe he was jumped in the back) Waltman and Hall come in through the crowd. Angle gets the upper hand and puts Hall in the ankle lock. Waltman pulls out brass knuckles and hits Angle in the back of the head with them. Hall and Waltman put the boots to Angle until Hogan comes out and appears to be aligned with Hall and Waltman. Hall and Waltman pick up angle so Hogan can lay Angle out with the brass knuckles. Hogan hits both Hall and Waltman instead and leaves the ring. Angle has a confused look on his face as Hogan heads to the back.

* Xplosion: Beer Money defeats Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry via DWI on Magnus.

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