*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Jan. 28th, February

– Thanks to JP Nichols and PWInsider for these live iMPACT spoilers from tonight’s tapings, set to air over the next few weeks:



* Orlando Jordan defeated Jay Lethal with a Flatliner.

* Brian Kendrick and The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Amazing Red and Generation Me in a six man tag match when Kendrick pinned Red after a kick to the head. The Machine Guns had Red beaten and Kendrick made a blind tag. After the match, Kendrick, Sabin, and Shelley argued.

* Amazing Red was in the ring and the British Invasion came to the ring for Rob Terry to cash in his X Division Title Match Feast or Fired briefcase. After some discussion between the members of the British Invasion, they decided to give Doug Williams the briefcase and use it for the match against Amazing Red.

* Doug Williams defeats Amazing Red to become the new X Division Champion with Chaos Theory. Red was unable to overcome Williams who overwhelmed Red despite a valiant effort.

* After the match, Rob Terry appeared to be angry about what just happened in the ring.

* D’Angelo Dinero defeated A.J. Styles with a small package in a non-title match.

* After the match, Flair and Styles attacked Dinero but Samoa Joe came to the ring to help Dinero and made the save. Joe and Dinero cleared the ring of Styles and Flair. Joe got a mic and said that A.J. got rid of everything for a cheap suit and some hos. Joe tells A.J. that he will teach him a lesson at Against All Odds. Samoa Joe will face A.J. Styles for the TNA Heavyweight Title on February 14th at Against All Odds.

* Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out and they call out Mick Foley because of his attack on Eric Bischoff last week. Mick comes out and he says that he wishes he attacked Bischoff but he did not do it. Foley said that if he attacked Bischoff, he would have been taken out on a stretcher. Foley calls Bischoff a liar. Hogan tells Foley and Bischoff that they need to work it out or Foley needs to walk out the two. Foley and Hogan had a stare down.

* The Beautiful People defeated TNA Knockouts Champion Tara and TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Hamada and Awesome Kong in a six woman tag match. The referee was distracted by Tara and Lacey brawling and that allowed Madison to hit Hamada with the Ugly Stick to get the win.

* After the match, Kong chased Velvet to the back. Lacey and Madison attacked Tara and Hamada until Angelina Love came out to make the save and Lacey and Madison left the ring.

* Kurt Angle comes out and he says that his match with A.J. at Genesis was the match of his life. Angle then says that A.J. disappointed him, the guys in the back, and the fans because they agreed that they would prove who was the best at Genesis. Angle calls Styles a ‘punk ass bitch’. Angle mentions the match he had with A.J. last week and then he calls out Angle wondering if A.J. really believes that Flair cares about him. Angle mentions that he has a qualifying match for the tournament at Against All Odds and Angle says that he will will the tournament and he will take back the title to prove that he is the greatest in the world.

* Hogan comes out and he calls out Angle for spitting in his face last week. Angle apologizes and he shakes hands with Hogan. Hogan leaves the ring and then Scott Hall and Sean Waltman attack Angle. Angle fights back against Hall and Waltman until security comes out and separates them. Hall and Waltman leave the Impact Zone.

* TNA World Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Hernandez defeated Team 3D to retain the titles after Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint on Ray. The Nasty Boys interfered during the match when Team 3D was preparing for the Wassup Head butt and pushed Devon off the turnbuckles while the referee was distracted.

* After the match, the Nasty Boys attacked Team 3D once Hernandez and Morgan left the ring. Hernandez and Morgan returned to chase off The Nasty Boys. There was a stare down between Team 3D and the Champions and they eventually shook hands and Team 3D gave Hernandez and Morgan their title belts back.

* Mr. Anderson defeated Brutus Magnus with the Mic Check.

* TNA Knockouts Champion Tara defeated Angelina Love with a roll up to retain the Knockouts Title.

* Velvet and Lacey came out and attacked Tara and Angelina. Tara and Angelina took care of Lacey and Velvet. Tara and Angelina then shook hands in the ring.

* Kurt Angle defeated Tomko with an ankle lock in a Qualifying Match for the Tournament at Against All Odds.

In a segment taped for the February 11th Impact:

* Samoa Joe comes out and calls out TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles. Styles comes to the ring with Ric Flair. Joe talks about how him and A.J. have been involved in some of the best clashes in TNA and that A.J. earned the respect of the fans. Joe tells A.J. that by screwing over Angle, he threw all of the respect away. Flair says that A.J. is the champion and that Joe and the fans will learn the definition of respect. Joe calls A.J. the last pure thing in TNA and that he threw that away as well. A.J. mentions that Joe has turned on more people than Styles has and that Joe has no room to judge. Styles comments about how every time someone comes in like Taz, Joe gets in their face. Joe responds by telling A.J. that every time someone new comes into the company A.J. gets on his knees and kisses the ring of his new sugar daddy.

*A.J. goes to the ring and they brawl with Joe getting the upper hand. Joe had A.J. set for the muscle buster but Flair came in and hit Joe with a low blow. Flair and Styles taunted Joe before leaving the ring.

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