*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – July 1st

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Impact opened with an Abyss promo which I missed but it ended with Hulk Hogan coming out followed but Bischoff to restrain Hogan but ended up attacking Abyss. Abyss no sold it which then Hulk gave Abyss three chair shots which he no sold also. They led to Jeff Hardy coming out to give Abyss the twist of fate and Swanton to end the segment

Motor City Machineguns vs. Ink, inc. Motor City Machineguns won via pinfall on Jesse Neal. Bubba was going to interfere but Devon cut off Bubba and they argue for awhile. then Devon comes in the ring and helps Neal to his feet.

Bischoff came out and announced the main event as Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss with RVD as guest ref in the match

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe Joe wins via submission Styles fights with Kaz and Ric Flair afterwards and Styles wants Kaz next week. Kaz accepts which ends the segment.

The next segment is the Pope’s return to the impact zone. Huge “Welcome back” chants for the Pope and huge Pope. Pope cuts one of his classic promos which he is great at doing. Pope says he is back in the game now and he wants to work his way to RVD. Just as he finishes, Kurt Angle’s music hits and he welcomes Pope back into TNA. Angle says at Victory Road, we have Pope vs. Angle and Angle says he must be victorious. he walks off and we head to commercial.

During the break they bring up Cody Angle to the ramp and the fans chant Cody. Angle’s other kid is also here sitting next to Dixie Carter at ringside.

Desmond Wolfe vs. Brian Kendrick. Chelsea still looks unhappy to be with Wolfe and leaves him mid-match again. Kendrick puts Wolfe in a submission hold and Wolfe taps out Douglas Williams was on commentary during the match.

Jay Lethal calls out AJ Styles and Ric Flair to answer for jumping his brother last week. Matt Morgan comes out and says that Flair has asked him to be the first member of Fortune. Lethal hits Morgan and the match is on. The early part of the match is the typical Matt Morgan dominance. A couple of near falls for Morgan until Morgan misses his kick and Lethal begins his comeback. Morgan throws Lethal out and Hernandez sneaks in and low blows Morgan with the ref’s back turned. Lethal picks up the pinfall victory. Hernandez walks up the ramp as a pissed off Morgan looks at him. Lethal celebrates the win

Taylor Wilde vs. Madison Rayne in TNA Knockouts non title action During the match Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino and Stevie Richards show up, again taking everyone’s attention for the match at hand. Rayne picks up the easy victory on Wilde only to get attacked by love post match the crowd doesn’t care they are to busy snapping pics of the ECW guys in the front row of the stands. During the break Stevie got in the ring and threw out some TNA DVD’s.

We cut to backstage where some new Knockout in black is beating up Taylor Wilde for some reason and the ECW originals decide to head back to the backstage area

We go back to the big screen where Dixie Carter walks up to Sting in the rafters and says Hulk and Bischoff says he is a cancer to TNA and sting is suspended for 30 days. Of course Sting verbally assaults Dixie until Bischoff comes up there and has security take him out of the Impact Zone. Bischoff tells Dixie to hire a 24-7 bodyguard because Sting might go psycho now and he fears this isn’t over with Sting.

Time for the main event. RVD comes out first with a ref shirt on. Abyss has a 2 x 4 with nails in it. Hardy takes control early before Abyss takes it outside and throws Hardy into the ring steps to take control. Abyss tries to use a chair but RVD takes the chair from Abyss. The crowd is into this match and is behind Hardy all the way, Hardy with the Swanton to get the pinfall and win. Abyss attacks Hardy and Black Hole slams RVD. Abyss was going to use the 2 x 4 with the nails but Ken Anderson comes running down with a chair and hits Abyss then turns to hardy and nails him with the chair by accident because Abyss ducked. Abyss hits the Torture Device slam on Anderson. That is probably where the shows cuts out.

Post match, Anderson helps Hardy up and Hardy poses for the crowd and leaves

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