*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – March 15th

– Thanks to JP Nichols and PWInsider.com for these spoilers from tonight’s iMPACT tapings in Orlando:



In a Dark Match: Homicide defeated Ken Doane with an Ace Crusher in what was described as a solid match for Doane.

In a Dark Match: Jay Lethal defeated Kazuchika Okada with an elbow drop.

In an Xplosion Match: Kazarian and Amazing Red defeat Brian Kendrick and Daniels when Kazarian pinned Kendrick.

After the opening pyro:

AJ Styles and Ric Flair come out. Styles gets on the mic and calls Abyss a scary looking but stupid monster. Styles asks Abyss if he really thinks that a ring will help him. A.J. comments on their previous matches. Styles says that much like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, he does not believe in magical rings. Styles says that he considers himself a gift from God. Flair gets on the mic and rambles about Hogan and Abyss.

Jeff Hardy’s music plays and Jeff comes out to the ring. A.J. asks Jeff who he thinks he is and then he calls Hardy a nobody. Styles says that since Hardy wants to put his hands on him and Flair, that they should go at it tonight. Hardy gets on the mic and says it will be a breeze. AJ Styles versus Jeff Hardy is announced for tonight.

Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff are on the screen. Foley apologizes for messing up last week. Eric says that tonight, in the ring they will shave Foley’s head and beard to make a citizen out of him.

They show another video. This time it is the Nasty boys beating up Jesse Neal and putting him through a table.

The Nasty Boys come out for a six man tag match with Jimmy Hart against Team 3D and Jesse Neal. The Nasty Boys and Hart act as if it is going to be a handicap match as a result of the earlier attack on Jesse Neal. Brother Ray says that is not the case and brings out Brother Runt.

Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart defeated Brother Ray, Brother Devon, and Brother Runt. Jimmy Hart pinned Ray after Saggs hit Ray with the helmet while the referee was distracted. After the match the Nasty Boys bring in a table to put 3D through, but Jesse Neal comes out with his ribs taped for the save. Jesse and Team 3D put Saggs through the table.

Angelina Love is interviewed in the back. She talks about how it sucks that she and Tara lost. Angelina issues an open challenge to any member of the Beautiful People for tonight, especially Velvet Sky. Angelina calls them rip offs of her since she is the original. Angelina says that she thinks that she may need to go on her own quest to take out the trash one beautiful person at a time.

They show yet another video with Borash interviewing The Band saying that their match at Destination X is official. They say that it should not be an issue. Nash and Eric Young walk up and mention to Hall how he likes money and gives Hall money for five minutes with him in the ring tonight. Hall accepts the challenge.

Kurt Angle and D’Angelo Dinero defeat Ken Anderson and Desmond Wolfe when Dinero got a small package on Wolfe. After the match, Wolfe attacks pope and they fight up the ramp. Anderson lays out Angle and attacks him with the tag and that busts open Angle. Anderson says that this beat down was only a small taste of what will happen at the PPV.

They show another video and it is of Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam with Hulk Hogan backstage. Abyss is the special enforcer for the Hardy/Styles match and tells Van Dam that he has something special in store for him. Eric Bischoff comes in when they leave and he talks about the surprises on Monday but wishes that Hogan had told him about the surprises. There seems to be some tension between Hogan and Bischoff.

Angelina Love comes out for her match and all three members of the Beautiful People come out. They introduce a new member of the group, for one night only and it is Daffney.

Angelina Love defeats Daffney by disqualification. Daffney attacks Angelina from behind and tries to use a hammer but it did not work because of the referee. Velvet, Madison, and Lacey get involved leading to Angelina getting the win by disqualification. All four attack Angelina after the match. Daffney goes up the ramp to get the ugly stick but the referee tries to stop her. Tara hops over the rail and lays out the Velvet, Madison, and Lacey before staring down Daffney.

Kevin Nash versus Scott Hall in the Five Minute Challenge. Waltman comes out with handcuffs and they handcuff Nash to the ropes and put the boots to him. Eric Young comes out for the save and gets the upper hand for a short period of time but Hall and Waltman take the $25,000 and leave.

Hogan comes out and says that he can’t get the image out of head of Abyss saying ‘why sting why’ and Hogan wants an answer from Sting. Sting makes his way down but Van Dam jumps him and Van Dam beats Sting up as they fight around the ring. Van Dam rolls Sting into the ring and Van Dam throws Hogan the bat. Bischoff comes out with security and wants to know what Hogan is doing. Bischoff has security escort Sting out of the building. Bischoff calls out Hogan on saying that he won’t wrestle and how he is supposed to be leading the company. Hogan gives no response and Eric leaves the ring.

Hernandez and Jeff Jarrett are seen backstage. Hernandez tells Jeff that he will help him take on Beer Money in a match tonight. Eric Bischoff overhears this and interrupts the conversation saying that will not happen. Eric says that Hernandez will face Beer Money in a handicap match with Jarrett as the referee. Eric tells Jarrett to call it right down the middle.

Beer Money defeated Hernandez with the DWI. During the match, Matt Morgan came out and was on commentary but left before the end of the match. After the match, Beer Money attacked Jarrett and were posing to the crowd until Jarrett made a comeback and Hernandez joined Jarrett and took care of Beer Money.

Eric Bischoff comes out for the grooming of Mick Foley. They have a barber chair set up in the ring. Eric calls out Foley and sits down in the chair. Foley stops Eric when he goes to shave his head and hits him with Mr. Socko. Foley puts Bischoff in the chair and shaves Eric’s head.

The Ultimate X structure is being brought out to hype the Ultimate X match at the Generation X pay per view.

The Motor City Machine Guns come out. Chris Sabin takes a mic and says that Destination X will be a night to remember. Not only is it the return of Ultimate X with the winner becoming the Number One Contenders to the TNA World Tag Titles, but it will be the start to the Motor City Era. Sabin calls out Generation Me for coming into their turf and asks who they have beaten. Generation Me comes out and reminds Sabin that they beat the Machine Guns in their debut. Shelley says it was just luck and then says that Motor City is the Xbox while Generation Me are Ataris. He also says that they are the Ferraris to Generation Me’s station wagons. He says that they can keep talking about this or the time where the Guns got with Generation Me’s girlfriends. This leads to a brawl with all four men getting involved. Brian Kendrick comes out to save the Guns. Amazing Red comes out to take out Kendrick. Daniels comes out to take care of Red. Kazarian comes out with a ladder and hits Daniels with it. Generation Me do dives off the Ultimate X towers onto the guns. They set up the ladder and Red dives off the ladder onto Kendrick, Daniels, and the Guns on the outside. Red, Kazarian, and Generation Me pose together in the ring. (This was described as a crazy segment).

The match between A.J. Styles and Jeff Hardy is a non-title match.

Jeff Hardy defeats TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles with a Swanton. There was a ref bump about ten minutes into the match. After the referee was knocked out A.J. went for a springboard 450 but missed. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and Swanton with Abyss making the three count. After the match, Flair hit Hardy with a chair. Flair went to hit Abyss and they started going up the ramp with Flair repeatedly trying to hit Abyss. They got to the end of the ramp and Abyss Hulked up and choke slammed Flair shoulder first through the ramp. Abyss then did the ‘finger point of doom’ towards Styles who was sitting in the corner of the ring holding the TNA World Heavyweight Title belt closely.

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