*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Nov. 5th, 2009

– Thanks to Dylan Wolfe and PWInsider for these TNA iMPACT tapings that will air this coming Thursday night:



Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wilde
Wilde wins by pinfall. Rest of Beautiful People run in and beat down on Wilde. Sarita attempts the save but gets beat down. ODB runs in and clears the ring.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. Talks about Hogan bringing TNA to a whole new level. Switches to who has jumped him and calls him out. Daniels comes out they go back and forth and ends with Daniels calling AJ arrogant and saying he is spoiled by TNA. Daniels claims he is just as good as AJ. Now Joe comes out to join the conversation to stir things up saying Daniels is jealous of AJ. Sets up AJ vs. Daniels for tonight.

EY and Rob Terry vs. Beer Money
Beer Money wins after EY accidentally hits Big Rob with the Legends Title. British Invasion comes down to save EY from a DUI. When W.E. gets to the top of the ramp they are jumped by the MCMG.

Penzer announces that Joe will be the ref for the AJ vs Daniels match.

Cody Deaner vs. Desmond Wolfe
One clothesline and its done…guess who won…Wolfe. He goes to the top of the ramp to address Kurt just running him down wondering why he would want to get back in the ring with him at Turning Point.

Joe comes down the ref AJ vs. Daniels with latex gloves on?

Daniels makes his way to the ring and they cut to AJ in the back with JB. AJ is attacked by his mystery attacker so its not Joe or Daniels…as Daniels goes back to check AJ, Joe jumps him and gives him a muscle buster.

Tara vs. Hamada
Tara wins after a Widow’s Peak. Kong comes out but is stopped by security just before she can get in the ring. Tara goes to the top rope and dives on Kong and security.

Penzer claims Daniels vs. AJ will still happen.

Mick Foley comes out and says he has a gift for Abyss which turns out to be a drawing of him and Abyss. He praises who Abyss has become. Next week Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie. If Abyss pins Stevie then he is gone from TNA.

Homicide vs Bobby Lashley w/ Krystal who quickly gets sent to the back by Earl Hebner. Lashley wins after a one handed press slam. Cide attacks Lashley from behing only to be brought up for another press slam Lashley drops him after he sees Steiner on the screen going after Krystal. Lashley goes to the back. Cide pushes Earl Hebner twice until Red comes out to save Earl.

AJ vs. Daniels (Take 2)
Crowd was really behind this one and it was a great match that went back and forth between the two. AJ wins after the Styles Clash. At the end of the match Joe looks like he is about to leave and instead chokes AJ out and poses over the two holding the title belt.

Team 3D vs. Morgan and Hernandez
During the match Rhyno comes down mid match and attempts to give Brother Ray a chair but he pushes Rhyno away. Ray finally snaps and uses the chair on their opponents. They 3D looks disappointed in themselves and Rhyno gores both Hernandez and Morgan. He then raises 3D’s arms in the middle of the ring.

The Beautiful People and Kong vs ODB, Sarita, Taylor Wilde, and Tara
Heels win after Kong pinned Taylor.

Explosion Match
Kiyoshi w/ Bashir vs. Suicide
Suicide wins after his finisher.

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