*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – November 11th

– Thanks to Eric for these live TNA iMPACT spoilers, to air this Thursday:



* Immortal comes out with Jeff Hardy. Hulk Hogan presents Hardy with a new TNA Title belt and throw the old one away. Pope is in the crowd and wants Eric Bischoff. Samoa Joe also appears and wants Jeff Jarrett. Rob Van Dam appears by the stage and wants Hardy. Matt Morgan comes out and wants a rematch with Hardy.

* Robbie E and Cookie beat Taylor Wilde and Jay Lethal

* Kazarian beat RVD when Rhino attacked RVD. Rhino also laid out Tommy Dreamer in the back.

* Eric Bischoff was yelling at the referee from the Turning Point main event.

* Team 3D came out for their retirement farewell. Brother Ray turned on Devon.

* AJ Styles beat Stevie Richards.

* Samoa Joe beat Gunner and Murphy, the security, in a handicap match. After the match, Jarrett attacked Joe but Kurt Angle made the save.

* The Pope put Eric Bischoff in a casket backstage and brought him to the ring. Abyss attacked and made the save. They put Pope in the casket.

* Matt Morgan beat Douglas Williams and Beer Money. Hardy appeared on the big screen but really attacked Morgan from behind. Hardy hit the Twist of Hate to end the show on Morgan.

* Robbie E and Cookie vs. Lethal and Wilde was re-taped for some reason.

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