*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Oct. 22nd, 2009

– Thanks to Dylan Wolfe and PWInsider for these TNA iMPACT spoilers for this week:




Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Kip James
Sheik wins after a missed Famasser into a roll up with a handful of tights


Kurt Angle comes out by himself says he is in the ring without a family and its been a year since they started the Mafia. He says they were not about job security, it was about respect. He sees that the roster is evolving and growing up talking about the talent of Eric and AJ, focusing on how AJ strives to be the best. Then moves on to Morgan’s talent. He says that he now sees the locker room as his peers and he wants to fight alongside them.

Out comes Rhino who says the Mafia is no more. He says TNA management wants to phase the vets out to make room for people like Morgan and Hernandez. Kurt says maybe they earned it, but Rhino disagrees.

Now 3D comes out and Brother Ray is screaming at Rhino about what he did to him at BFG (Crowd is ALL OVER Rhino). Rhino says 3D is in the same boat. He tells them maybe they should go in the back and check the card because they are not on it, while he has a match with Hernandez later tonight.

Backstage interview…AJ and Daniels talk about what just happened with Kurt and says its just them against the competition. Lauren says at Turning Point its Joe vs. Daniels vs. AJ for the title.

Raisha Saieed is in the back with Lauren talking about her match with Kong tonight

Homicide must have attacked Red backstage because he threw Red down the face tunnel and they fight toward the ring…after a great showing between the two Homicide wins after the Gringo Killer.

Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner
Before the bell, Steiner goes to Bobby Lashley’s wife, Krystal Marshall who is sitting ringside. They have a back and forth match which ended up outside the ring near Krystal. Steiner throws Morgan back in the ring and goes after her. Lashley comes out while Hebner is preoccupied with Morgan and they brawl. Morgan wins with the Carbon Footprint.

AJ and Daniels vs. Joe and Nash
Nash and Joe win after Daniels goes for a tag but AJ moonsaulted onto Joe on the floor. Nash chokeslams Daniels and says he’s going after Eric Young.

Eric Young is in the back and says he has a huge announcement for next week’s Impact.

Lauren is backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns talking about the first Ultimate X Match on broadcast TV.

Earlier today they taped a segment with the Beautiful People in catering which they called the set for their new movie, “Meanest Girls” which was an attack on Taylor and Sarita.

Raisha Saeed vs. Awesome Kong
Raisha actually had some decent offense including a top rope “famasser”. Kong wins after an Implant Buster. She drags Saeed to the top of the ramp after the match and power bombs her off the stage. It takes easily 10 minutes to stretcher her out.

Team 3D comes out for commentary.

Rhino vs. Hernandez
Hernandez wins after a big splash off the top. While Hernandez is celebrating, Rhino attacks him. Hernandez gets in the offensive and 3D stops him from Border Tossing Rhino telling him that Rhino is not worth a suspension.

Nigel McGuiness debuts as Desmond Wolf during a backstage segment where he beats down on Kurt Angle.

Six Sides of Steel for TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money vs British Invasion (Champions)
Awkward setup as the teams actually have to tag in and out. Crowd is HOT for this match, however not happy with the result when Beer Money wins by DQ after Brutus knocks out referee Slick Johnson. Still Champions, British Invasion.

Dave Penzer announces to the live audience that Kurt Angle is on his way to ringside and he apparently doesn’t know why…previous beatdown maybe?

As the ring crew is taking down the six sides of steel Kurt comes out and calls out Desmond Wolf. He doesn’t come out and as Kurt goes to the back he is attacked from behind. He sets Kurt up on the top rope and hits a Tower of London on Angle.

Ultimate X for Tag Title Shot at Turning Point: MCMG vs Lethal Consequences
In an awesome match that had some great spots in it, the Machineguns won when Sabin retrieved the X

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