*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Oct. 29th, 2009

– Thanks to Dylan Wolfe and PWInsider for these TNA iMPACT spoilers that air on October 29th:



Krystal Marshall-Lashley is sitting ringside again.

Desmond Wolf opens Impact saying he’s not the next best thing he is the One. He tears down the U.S. and then moves on to Angle, claiming he didn’t win his gold medal he only claimed it on points. Says that after last week’s beatdown on Angle he became the greatest TNA wrestler. Angle (now coming out the Face Tunnel) says Desmond has overstayed his welcome and will be leaving TNA tonight. Tonight one on one Angle vs. Desmond in a Street Fight.

Alissa Flash vs. Tara
Tara wins after a fireman’s carry into a side slam. Post match, Kong comes out and gives Tara an Implant Buster onto Alissa.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. 3D
The Guns won after Devon tapped out to Alex Shelley’ half Boston Crab, Brother Ray argued that Devon didn’t tap.

TNA Legends Championship: Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley
Steiner goes after Krystal Marshall and Bobby goes to help her. He knocks Steiner out and gets back in the ring. Steiner comes to the ring and hits Lashley with a chair for the DQ.

Eric Young is still in the ring and World Elite comes out sporting some new white track suits. The British Invasion has been suspended without pay for assaulting Slick Johnson last week. But it was Beer Money’s last shot so they just had to leave with the belts. Young says he just handed Lashley his first TNA defeat. He changes the Legends Title to the TNA Global Championship, stating he won’t defend it on American soil or against an American. Kevin Nash comes out with a chair. He says that the deal was that he leaves BFG with the Legends Title and $60,000 cash…he says Bashir gave him 60,000 Iranian dollars. Beer Money comes in through the crowd and attacks World Elite.

Beautiful People vs. ODB, Hamada, and Christy Hemme.
The Beautiful People win after Lacey hits a chokeslam on Hemme
Post match, Kong’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring but is jumped by Tara. Security struggles and eventually breaks the two up.

Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie: Hardcore Match
Abyss wins after a Shock Treatment. After the match Dr. Stevie chokes Abyss out with a kendo stick. Foley comes out and looks like he is gonna hit Abyss with the kendo stick but hits Stevie instead and leaves.

Rhino vs. Matt Morgan
Rhino goes for a gore but Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint for the 3 count. After the match Rhino beats down and gores Morgan. Hernandez’s music plays and he chases Rhino from the ring. Rhino gets on the mic and says no one is going to run him out of TNA.

Angle vs. Desmond Wolf
Hebner stops the match after Angle is knocked out by a vicious clothesline from Wolf. They put Angle on a backboard and stretcher him out.

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