*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – Oct. 8th, 2009

– TNA taped this week’s edition of iMPACT this past Monday night in Orlando. Here are full spoilers thanks to WNW and Tim Capture:



Xplosion/Dark Matches:

* Rhino b. Kip James with Gore

* Jay Lethal b. Maverick with a top rope elbow

TNA iMPACT (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* Abyss comes out holding barbwire and sacks of broken glass, ready to cut a promo. Abyss says he wanted to feel at home and he’s talking to Mick Foley. Abyss says Foley has bled all over the world but he hasn’t bled like he will at Bound For Glory. He’s challenging Foley to a Monster’s Ball match. Abyss says Foley won’t have a very nice day after he beats his ass. Mick Foley comes out with a barbwire baseball bat to respond. Foley says he wants to tell Abyss something but Abyss cuts him off and asks Foley if it was a cheap carbon copy when he wrestled AJ Styles in 2005 and blew the roof off the place? He questions was he knockoff when he beat Sting for the TNA Championship. Abyss says no, he was just Chris Parks – Abyss. He questions where was Foley, playing with sock puppets? Abyss says Foley used to be hardcore and Foley is old. Foley says as a TNA shareholder, he’s banning the $50,000 bounty on Abyss. He also accepts the match and says he better bring his A game because he will, Bang Bang. Foley stops the music that started and says he’s changing the match though. If Abyss uses thumbtacks, he loses the match and Dr. Stevie is the special guest referee. Dr. Stevie comes out and says Abyss did it again. He says even Abyss’ mother didn’t love him. Lauren comes out to comfort Abyss and Stevie calls her a street walker. Abyss asks what he said and Stevie repeats it. Abyss attacks but Daffney hits a low blow on him. Foley and Stevie attack Abyss and use the bat on him. Matt Morgan runs out for the save to end the segment.

* Hernandez vs. Kevin Nash for the TNA Legends Championship ends in a no contest. It’s announced there will be a ten minute time limit. Eric Young interferes and piledrives Hernandez to end the match. Young gives Nash the best and says he owes him.

* The main event for the show is announced as Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Mick Foley & Kurt Angle.

* Amazing Red vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA X Division Championship is up next, Lashley comes out to ringside. He gets involved mid-match and gives Samoa Joe a half nelson suplex. Red gave him a corkscrew twisting splash for the win. New TNA X Division Champion, Amazing Red.

* The Pope D’Angelo Dinero & Homicide b. Suicide & Daniels. Homicide takes out the Spanish announce team as Suicide went for the save. In the ring The Pope hit the running knees on Daniels to get the win.

* Up next is a contract signing for the Bound For Glory TNA & IWGP Tag Titles Ladder Match. The match features Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. The British Invasion vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D. Both titles will be hung so you can win the TNA or IWGP titles. Everyone signs and a brawl breaks out as a table is in the ring. Robert Roode climbs a ladder to splash Booker on a table but Rob Terry tips it over. More fighting as Steiner and Booker put Brother Devon through the table in the ring. More brawling as The British Invasion take out Steiner and Booker to end the segment.

* The Beautiful People, Alyssa Flash & Traci Brooks vs. Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Christy Hemme & Hamada in an 8-woman elimination match. Traci eliminates Hemme, Alyssa Flash and Hamada are both counted out. Velvet Sky eliminates Taylor Wilde, Sarita eliminates Traci and Velvet Sky. Alyssa is back out to distract the referee, allowing Lacey Von Erich to Claw Slam Sarita and let Taylor get the pin.

* Stings comes out for a promo. He says after the interview with him and AJ Styles, he stayed in the ring and thought about things. He thought if you don’t think you’re the best you shouldn’t no matter when, he always thought that when he stepped through the ropes he could still get the job done. Even now, at Bound For Glory he can get it done. Kurt Angle comes out and says Sting should have retired at No Surrender. He thinks after the pay-per-view they should rename the show The View and Sting and AJ can kiss each other’s asses. Angle wants his rematch for the title. He says to be the best you have to beat the best in the middle of the ring and Angle is the best. Angle asks Sting to do us a favor and retire before Bound For Glory so a real champion can step up for the match and not a washed up has been. Sting tells Angle to retire him here and shoves him. They brawl as security comes out. Angle gets an ankle lock on Sting and then bails as AJ comes in for the save. Angle says if AJ is so great he should face him next week. AJ accepts to end the segment.

* They just showed a TNA digital short. JB was arm wrestling Hernandez and losing over and over. He tried to distract Hernandez with the new Traci Playboy photos, but still lost.

* The Motor City Machineguns come out to debut their new entrance music and video. During the video playing Joe comes out and attacks The Guns. Now he’s in the ring screaming for Lashley so he can kick his ass all over the place. Lashley comes out and they brawl all over the Impact Zone. Joe jumps off the scaffolding and gives Lashley an elbow through the Spanish Announce table.

* ODB b. Tara to retain the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. Awesome Kong came out during the match with a sledgehammer. Kong went to smash the tarantula but Tara stopped her. She turned around into a TKO from ODB.

* Abyss & Matt Morgan b. Mick Foley & Kurt Angle. Dr. Stevie and Daffney are at the announce table with Mike Tenay. Foley gets on commentary and says replacing him is Dr. Stevie. Angle leaves as Foley announces Daffney as his replacement and now, anything goes. Stevie jumped on Morgan’s back but Morgan fell back into tacks that had been laid out to win the match. Stevie got hurt bad and is crying at ringside.

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