Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 11/19/14

– Thanks to Louis “L” Celecz and Big Iz (@BigIzzysWorld) for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Friday night’s tapings in Bethlehem, PA. These should air on November 19th:



* Crazzy Steve defeated Jesse Godderz in a match for Xplosion.

* Taryn Terrell’s win over Havok and Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title may air on this episode of the November 12th episode, that wasn’t confirmed.

* James Storm, Manik and The Great Sanada call out The Wolves to join them. Davey Richards turns Storm down and they attack The Wolves. This led to Storm cashing in his Feast or Fired title shot. Abyss came down and joined Storm’s group. Storm and Abyss defeated The Wolves to win the Tag Team Titles.

* Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King ends when MVP attacks Melendez. Mr. Anderson makes the save.

* World Heavyweight champion Bobby Roode comes out and talks about how Bobby Lashley is trying to end the careers of Eric Young and Austin Aries. Roode wants a fight and says he will give Lashley a title shot. Roode calls Lashley out and they brawl through the crowd.

* Low Ki defeated DJ Zema Ion, Manik and Tigre Uno in a Fatal 4 Way to win the vacant X Division Title. Ki pinned Uno after a Crusher off the top.

* MVP attacks Kurt Angle backstage.

* Ethan Carter III and Tyrus cut a promo in the ring to lots of heat and boring chants.

* Bram defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Match. Dreamer grabbed John Cena’s old US Title belt from a fan and hit Bram with it at one point. Magus interfered and they double teamed Dreamer. Al Snow made the save and took out Magnus but Bram still got the win.

* Kurt Angle comes out and addresses MVP’s backstage attack on him. MVP interrupts and says he’s tired of everyone, tired of TNA and tired of Angle. Angle attacks MVP and Kenny King makes the save. MVP kicks Angle in the head. Mr. Anderson runs down but Lashley takes him out with a spear. Bobby Roode comes down and throws Kenny King into the barrier. Roode and Lashley brawl in the ring. MVP leaves. Roode destroys Lashley and clears the ring of him. Impact ends with Roode starting a TNA chant and posing with the title.

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