Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 1/30/14

– Thanks to Mick & Ben for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from today’s tapings in Glasgow, Scotland:



* Jeremy Borash, Mike Tenay and Christy Hemme all get good pop before the broadcast begins.

* TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus kicks off the show and gets booed. Fans chant “paper champ” as he makes his way to the ring. Rockstar Spud also has big heat. There’s so much heat for the two that it’s hard to make out what they’re saying. Magnus is interrupted by Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle, who come out to a huge reaction. Angle and Joe got the “paper champ” chants going again. Angle and Joe vs. Magnus and Ethan Carter III is announced. If Joe and Angle lose, they have to leave TNA. Our correspondent questions how Angle will be able to wrestle when he could barely walk out to the stage.

* Dixie Carter interrupts and says the tag match won’t be taking place. She disagrees with Magnus about having the match tonight but apparently it’s happening any way.

* Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa in a quick match. Velvet got the pin on Gail. After the match, Chris Sabin confronts Velvet and wants her to apologize. She breaks up with him and the crowd cheers big time.

* James Storm comes out and he’s pissed off. He calls Gunner to the ring. Gunner comes out and they trade promos. They’re going to put aside differences tonight to face Kazarian and Daniels.

* James Storm and Gunner defeated Kazarian and Daniels.

* There have been technical problems with the big screen working. During backstage segments, all the fans get is audio, no video. Someone was just attacked backstage but there was no video. It was noted that after one hour in, there has been less than 10 minutes of in-ring wrestling. There have been a lot of hype promos from Christy Hemme and Borash.

* Rockstar Spud comes out and rips Scotland. He calls out The Wolves and here they come to a decent reaction. Spud wants to know who the investor is. He does some comedy, mocks the Wolves and slaps Davey Richards. The Wolves destroy Spud to a big pop. They announce that the investor will fire anyone who interferes in tonight’s main event.

* Abyss and Eric Young vs. BroMans for the TNA Tag Team Titles is up next. The match ends in a no contest when Abyss goes nuts, chokeslams the referee and lays out Young. Abyss vs. Young in a Monster’s Ball match is announced for tonight. Everyone was shocked at the Abyss turn.

* We get another segment with Sam Shaw obsessing over Christy Hemme.

* Bully Ray comes out with a coffin and blames Mr. Anderson for the end of Aces & 8s and for losing his World Heavyweight Title. Bully challenges Anderson to a coffin match later on and Anderson beats him down with a steel chair until Bully runs away.

* Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs. Magnus and Ethan Carter III is up next. Magnus cuts a promo and gets booed extremely loud again. If Angle and Joe win, they get a title shot. If they lose, they have to leave TNA. There appears to be tension between Magnus and Ethan before the match. One backstage segment had Magnus talking down to Ethan until Dixie walked into the room. Most of the first part of the match had Angle getting beat down by Magnus and Ethan. Joe finally comes in and chokes out Magnus for the win. Joe is the new #1 contender.

* Dixie is irate and demands to see the investor. MVP comes out in a suit with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. They get a huge pop. He is revealed as the mystery investor. It was mentioned that MVP is “the man to change Impact Wrestling.”

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