Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 8/7/14

– TNA taped the second part of the August 7th Impact Wrestling episode Friday in New York City. Thanks to Michaela R. for the following spoilers:



Taped Thursday:

* Knux and The Freak of The Menagerie vs. Robbie E and Jessie Godderz is up first. The Menagerie gets the win in a long boring tag match, according to our correspondent.

* Dixie Carter and King Mo take a seat on the balcony to watch the next match.

* The eight-man “hardcore war” is next. Tommy Dreamer and Ethan Carter III are the first two out for their teams and they start the match off. Two new wrestlers come in every 2 minutes with a weapon. Devon and Rhino are out next. Snitsky and Bully Ray are out next. Ezekiel Jackson and Al Snow are out next. Snow gets a big pop and a “we want head” chant from the crowd. TNA actually passed out “Heads” to people in the crowd before Snow came out, essentially spoiling it for people in the crowd. Snow actually did a moonsault out of the ring. Team 3D got the win for their team after hitting a 3D on Rhino.

* Bully Ray wants to put Dixie Carter through a table but she won’t come down from the balcony. Fans want to see this too. They tease a fight between Bully and King Mo. Bully promises that he will put Dixie through a table “tonight” on the episode. The ring is cleared and they get ready for another segment.

* King Mo escorts Dixie to the ring. Rhino, Rockstar Spud and EC3 are also there. Apparently Dixie has fired Snitsky and Ezekiel already. They’re interrupted by Dreamer and Team 3D, who bring a table out. A big brawl breaks out but Dixie escapes. The TNA locker room empties out and blocks her from running to the back. They toss her back in the ring and Bully puts her through a table with a Bully Bomb. The crowd popped big time for this. The roster surrounds the six-sided ring on the apron and applauds while Dreamer and 3D are in the ring and Dixie is laid out on the table. Dixie gets stretchered out to end the taping.

Taped Friday:

* A hardcore match between Abyss and Bram kicks off the show. Before the match, crew members filled the ring and ringside area with weapons. Bram took a big chokeslam on thumbtacks at one point. Abyss gets the win.

* They had to clean blood up off the ring before the next segment.

* MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King come out with four women on their sides. MVP speaks but is interrupted by Bobby Roode. Roode has words with Lashley until they beat him down. Austin Aries and Eric Young run down and make the save, clearing the ring.

* Samuel Shaw, Mr. Anderson and Gunner vs. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and DJ Zema Ion is next. The babyfaces get the win.

* In-ring segment with Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell going at it with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

* Sanada vs. Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe for the vacant X Division Title is up next. Joe gets the win after making Sanada tap out. The crowd popped huge for Joe and everyone sang “Joe’s gonna kill you” for a big moment.

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