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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – December 15th

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Monday night’s tapings in Orlando. These will air this Thursday on Spike:

* Bobby Roode and AJ Styles went to a five-minute time limit draw in the opener. Sting came out and gave them five more minutes. Roode works over AJ’s injured leg to get the win.

* In the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament, Abyss and Scott Steiner beat Rob Terry and Hernandez.

* Kurt Angle calls out Sting to the ring and demands a rematch against James Storm. Sting says Storm won fair and there is no rematch. Angle threatens to go to Storm’s home if he doesn’t get his match.

* Zema Ion beat Tony Nese.

* Jesse Neal and Gunner go to a No Contest. Ric Flair was in Gunner’s corner. Gunner pushed the referee and after the match, attacked Neal, who had to be stretchered out.

* Jeff Hardy came out and talked about his World Title shot at Genesis. Bully Ray interrupted and reminded Hardy that thye have a match tonight.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Robbie E. and Douglas Williams in the Wild Card Tournament.

* Madison Rayne beat Traci Brooks.

* Brother Devon called out The Pope. Devon’s sons came out with Pope. Devon wants to squash the beef but Pope eggs it on. Devon hits Pope with a right hand and tries to leave with his kids. Pope hits Devon with a low blow and leaves with the kids.

* Jeff Hardy beat Bully Ray in the main event. Bobby Roode ran down from commentary and attacked Hardy. They put a table in the ring and put Hardy through it. Sting came down and got in Roode’s face but got beatdown by he and Ray. Impact ended with Ray and Roode posing in the ring.

  • Kris

    whixch Jarrett gts fired

  • Nick

    The tag tournament makes no sense. Why is Magnus and Williams pitted against each other and not with each other? Why was Hernandez with Botch Terry when he’s with Anarqia? And Terry isn’t with Robbie? What the hell..TNA looks all kinds of fucked up this week, lmao!

  • arrrrr truth

    so everyone that bought the pay per view and PAID for a finish has to wait for FREE TV to get it!?!?! may as well dope up hardy and send him out for 90 seconds at Genesis. more of the same…this is pitiful

  • MJ

    Samoa Joe won a match WHAT DA HELL!?

  • Jason

    FIVE minute time limit ? WTF ?

  • Sum

    A 5 minute time limit match involving the world champ & the former #1 contender?? This is why TNA can’t compete with the WWE!!

  • Dwaead

    Wait which Jarrett got fired?