Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – February 16th

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Monday night’s tapings in Orlando. These will air this Thursday on Spike:



* World Champion Bobby Roode opens the show and has Christy Hemme re-introduce himself. Roode brags about Against All Odds until Sting comes out. Sting announces Roode vs. Jeff Hardy with the title on the line tonight. It will be No Time Limit and No DQ.

* Bobby Roode beat Jeff Hardy in the match to retain his title. The match went all over the Impact Zone. They fought back to the ring and Hardy was ready for the when when Kurt Angle came out. Angle laid Hardy out, letting Roode get the win.

* James Storm beat Bully Ray to become the new #1 contender to the World Title. Ray attacked Storm after the match until New York Giant Brandon Jacobs got in Ray’s face. Ray spat beer on him. Jacobs shoved Ray to the mat and agents had to come out and separate them.

* They re-taped the finish to the Hardy vs. Roode World Title match. Instead of Angle knocking Hardy off the top rope, this time he threw him into the steel steps so Roode could get the win.

* Zema Ion and Austin Aries beat Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore. They all fought after the match.

* Madison Rayne came out before the battle royal and put over Gail Kim. Madison then won the 10 Knockouts battle royal by last eliminating Velvet Sky. Madison had been sitting with Gail at ringside watching the match. It didn’t appear she was in the match and Gail got upset after she won it and the title shot.

* Sting calls Bobby Roode to the ring. Sting announces Roode vs. James Storm with the World Title on the line. Roode hits Sting with a low blow and beats him up with the World Title.

* Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Gunner and a random woman come to the ring for a victory celebration. They talk about taking out Garett Bischoff at Against All Odds. Eric talks a bunch of trash about his son and acknowledges that he isn’t here tonight. Eric tells Garett to think twice about getting involved in the wrestling business ever again.

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