Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – February 9th

– Thanks to Perry for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for February 9th. These were taped in London:



* Daniels beat AJ Styles with brass knuckles.

* Another segment with Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Sting and James Storm. Storm and Sting vs. Ray and Roode is announced.

* Alex Shelley beat Douglas Williams and Austin Aries.

* Segment with Magnus, Samoa Joe, Crimson and Matt Morgan.

* Velvet Sky beat Mickie James with a roll-up.

* Garett Bischoff came out with Hulk Hogan. Eric Bischoff came out with Gunner and a brawl broke out that saw Garett punch his dad in the face.

* Sting and James Storm beat Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in the main event.

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