Spoilers: TNA Lockdown Tapings for 2/6/15

– Thanks to Trent McSwagsalot for the following TNA Lockdown spoilers from tonight’s show in New York City. These should air on Friday, February 6th on Destination America.



* JB announces Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode for tonight. Awesome Kong will also be in action.

* Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews vs. Tyrus is up first. Ethan Carter III is at ringside. EC3 suckers Andrews out of the cage at one point and Andrews actually slipped getting out. It looked painful. EC3 hits Spud with the cage door, allowing Tyrus to hit his finisher for the win. EC3 goes to shave Spud’s head but Jeremy Borash makes the save by cutting the cord. EC3 charges JB but JB runs away.

* Havok vs. Awesome Kong is next. They tart brawling on the ramp and around the ring. They go back in the cage and Earl Hebner accidentally gets knocked down by the door as Kong closes it. Kong no sells a chokeslam and hits Havok with one of her own. Kong wins after a splash from the top.

* The Hardys vs. James Storm and Abyss for the Tag Team Titles is next. The only way to win is pinfall or submission. Manik comes down and climbs over the cage. Matt Hardy pulls him over and Manik gets handcuffed to the cage. Storm climbed on top of Abyss at one point and jumped down with an elbow drop on Matt. Hardy got out of the cage somehow later on and was attacked by The Revolution. Jeff Hardy went for a splash off the top but got hit by mist from Sanada. Storm hit his finisher to retain. Koya slams Matt through a table. They put Jeff on a table in the ring for Manik to put him through but Manik misses. Jeff tries to escape the cage but ends up taking a nasty bump off the door onto the steel stairs. Storm assaults Jeff some more before they leave. Storm runs back out and hits Jeff on the ramp as referees are helping him to the back.

* MVP, Kenny King and Eric Young are out next. MVP says it’s going to be a bad time for anyone getting in the way of The BDC. MVP calls Kurt Angle out and he brings Austin Aries and Gunner with him. MVP rips their team and say they don’t want the match. MVP tells Angle to walk away or never wrestle again. Angle says they came to NYC to kick ass and they rush the ring. There is no match as Gunner gets trapped outside of the cage and attacked by Samoa Joe and Low Ki. They put his arm in the cage door and slam it with a chair. Security comes out as The BDC retreats.

* Robbie E calls Brooke Tessmacher to the ring and blames her for losing The Amazing Race. He challenges her to a race and he accepts. The race involves them spinning around with a baseball bat, running to the cage, climbing into it, back over it and back up the ramp. The judges are Jessie Godderz and DJ Zema Ion, who get involved and try to stop Brooke from leaving the cage. Robbie ends up pushing Brooke off the ramp. He poses before crossing the finish line. Brooke comes back and hits him with a low blow. She then crotches him with the bat. Brooke crosses over the line and wins. She goes back and takes a selfie with Robbie. This was described as pure stupidity.

* Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode is next. EY ended up calling MVP to the cage, he slid a steel chair in. EY missed the chair shot and Roode sends him into the cage, causing EY to bleed. Roode unloads on EY and then hits him with chair shots. Roode wins clean with his finisher.

* Team Angle vs. The BDC in Lethal Lockdown is next. Team Angle is short a man as Lashley didn’t want to team. The match starts with Gunner vs. Kenny King. Low Ki comes in next and they double team Gunner with weapons. Austin Aries comes in next and unloads on the heels. Samoa Joe is next in. He takes out Aries and Gunner with trash can lids. Joe grabs a hockey stick and uses it on Aries. Kurt Angle is out next. Joe meets him with a hockey stick but Angle gets the upperhand. Low Ki hits a double stomp on Aries. MVP is out next. He beats on Aries and Gunner with a kendo stick. Angle hits a German on MVP. Joe hits Angle with a trash can lid. Lashley ends up coming out any way to make things even. MVP tries to attack him but Lashley wants to shake hands. MVP falls for it and Lashley cleans house. Angle had Joe in the Angle lock while Gunner had King in the rack but Aries won with a pin. Lashley unloads again and sends The BDC retreating. Aries grabs his briefcase and heads back in the ring to face off with Lashley. Angle gets in between and says not now. This ends the show.

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