*Spoilers* WWE RAW Tapings – August 2nd

Opening video and pyro went off. The main event was advertised as Randy Orton vs The Miz.



Edge came out to open the show. After saying he doesn’t trust his Raw team. Edge challenged Wade Barrett to a match. R-Truth came out and told Edge he needs to stop thinking about himself and get with the team. Edge threatened Truth with a spear.

The anonymous general manager chimed in. Cole stated the general manager wanted R-Truth to exit the ring for the next match, which was Edge vs. Barrett, Truth told Edge, “Good luck, you are on your own.”

1. Edge fought Wade Barrett to a no-contest when Nexus interfered. Barrett nearly took the spear, but he got out of the ring and called for his Nexus teammates. Edge escaped through the crowd and ran right by correspondent Edward. Edge stared down Nexus from the crowd.

2. Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall, and Tamnia defeated Natalya, Eve Torres, and Gail Kim. Fox pinned Natalya to win the match. Fox got on the mic and said she’s the best Divas Champion ever. Melina’s theme hit and she ran out and beat up Fox. Melina did the splits and then posed for the live crowd.

Backstage, Cena found Edge and said they have to fight together in order to win at SummerSlam. Edge said Cena would have to win without him because he quit the team.

Jericho came to Cena and said Cena is the one who really needs to quit. He challenged Cena to a match for later in the show. The loser of the match leaves the SummerSlam team. Cena said no at first, but Jericho convinced him.

John Morrison and Great Khali were shown talking backstage. Morrison left and the Nexus arrived. They said they didn’t attack Khali last week because they respect him and want him to join them. It was announced that Khali would face Ted DiBiase Jr. later in the show.

3. Sheamus pinned Goldust. Sheamus said what a difference a year makes. He said he became champion in one year and didn’t need a briefcase, nor did he take as long as Orton did to win his first title. He said Orton couldn’t beat Triple H, whereas he ended Hunter’s career.

4. John Cena defeated Chris Jericho in a loser leaves Team Raw match. Cena won the match with the STF. The live crowd was really into this match. Afterward, Cena told Jericho he didn’t want him to leave the team. He said Jericho is still the best at what he does, and said they could taken on Nexus together. Jericho shook his head no and walked out on Cena, so it looks like he’s off the team.

Backstage, Edge and Chris Jericho agreed that Cena needed them, but they don’t need him. The Raw general manager chimed in and announced that next week, Edge and Jericho will face Cena and Bret Hart. The Nexus members will serve as lumberjacks for the match.

Justin Roberts interviewed Randy Orton, who responded to Sheamus’s promo by saying he gave Triple H a six-week vacation by kicking him in the skull. Orton invited Sheamus to ringside to watch his match against Miz. He said the good news for Sheamus is that he will beat Miz so bad that he won’t be able to cash in his MITB contract. He said the bad news is that it will be Sheamus’s turn for the beating in two weeks.

5. The Great Khali defeated Ted DiBiase. Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield came to ringside and distracted DiBiase by grabbing his Million Dollar Title belt, which led to Khali getting the win.

6. Randy Orton defeated The Miz. Sheamus watched the match from the stage. Randy pinned Miz after hitting the RKO. Sheamus rushed the ring, but Randy saw it coming and struck the Viper Pose, which stopped Sheamus dead in his tracks. This may end up being the point where the television show will go off the air.

Cena came out while Sheamus, Miz, and Orton were still at ringside. Nexus came out and told Sheamus to leave because they have a truce. Mark Henry came out with the Raw crew to fight off Nexus. The Raw crew successfully chased off the majority of Nexus and then roughed up Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. The Raw crew stood tall as Cena’s music played to end the show.

Source: Prowrestling.net

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