*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – August 28th, 2009

– Below are complete spoilers for this week’s SmackDown from the tapings tonight in Phoenix. Thanks to Mohammad:



* CM Punk was introduced as the new World Hvt. Champion. Highlights of his SummerSlam match with Jeff hardy aired. Huge heat for Punk. Did you know Punk doesn’t take anything for pain? Highlights aired of Undertaker’s return at SummerSlam.

Jeff Hardy came out selling injuries to a monster pop. Punk brings up loser leaves WWE. Here we go. He challenges Hardy to a Loser Leaves WWE match for tonight. Hardy accepted the stipulation for tonight’s main event.

SmackDown general manager Teddy Long made the match official. He also announced that the winner of the Punk vs. Hardy match would be challenged by Undertaker in a submissions match at the Breaking Point pay-per-view.

* John Morrison and Matt Hardy defeated The Hart Dynasty. Morrison pinned David Hart Smith.

* Drew McIntrye was supposed to wrestle R-Truth, but Drew knocked him out and cut a promo. Why is Truth over?

* Maria and Melina were shown backstage. Maria wants people to be happy for her and Dolph. Melina said she saw Dolph with another woman. Dolph claimed the woman was his sister.

* Melina pinned Layla. Michelle McCool came out on crutches and sat in on commentary. Melina ended up pushing McCool over.

* Josh Matthews came out and interviewed Mike Knox. It was a quiet interview until Finlay attacked. We made Knox bust out laughing. It seems Finlay smells like Axe body spray.

* Big Show and Chris Jericho defeated Cryme Tyme. This started as a singles match, but Long turned it into a tag match.

* Jeff Hardy was shown getting ready, and Matt came in to talk to him.

* Rey Mysterio defeated Kane by DQ. Rey smacked my hand before the match. I’ve arrived! There was a huge botched spot by both men. Kane was DQ’d for ramming Rey into the ring post. Great Khali came out and brawled with Kane. Khali tossed Kane out. Dolph came out and laid out Rey, which scored amazing heat.

* CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy in a steel cage, loser leaves WWE match to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Amazing match. We could hear the camera man talking and it sounded like something was going down. Punk wins! Punk wins! Hardy delivered a great speech afterward.

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