*Spoilers* WWE SD Tapings – September 4th, 2009

– Below are live SmackDown spoilers for this Friday’s show. Thanks to WNW, Jimmy Davis and Jordan Basenback for these results:



Dark Match:

* Dolph Ziggler b. Jimmy Wang Yang

WWE SmackDown: (Airing Friday)

* While SmackDown is being setup a video package of Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 is shown.

* CM Punk comes out with his face painted and dressed like Jeff Hardy. He cuts a promo on how Hardy is gone that we will never see him again. He receives massive heat. Punk then shoots on The Undertaker and how he is a big star. He challenges him to come to the ring. Matt Hardy comes out and cuts him off. Hardy attacks Punk while the crowd responds with a huge pop. Referees come out to break up the altercation.

* Teddy Long and CM Punk are shown talking about what just happened. Long announces that Matt Hardy will face Punk tonight.

* The Great Khali & Finlay b. Mike Knox & Kane
– Finlay starts off the match being dominated by Knox & Kane. Khali is tagged in and comes to the offense. Finlay gets the pin on Knox for the win.

* Vince McMahon is shown backstage with Teddy Long.

* Maria & Eve are shown backstage. Michelle comes up and says that Dolph will leave her. Melina comes up and threatens Michelle with a knuckle sandwich. Maria tells her to stay out of her business.

* John Morrison b. Rey Mysterio to become the new Intercontinental Champion
– Great back and forth match that lasted about 20 minutes. It was described to me as pay-per-view quality.

* R-Truth comes out to the ring. He is attacked by Drew McIntyre who is wearing a dress shirt. After the attack, McIntyre cuts a promo.

* Maria & Eve b. Natalya & Layla
– Eve gets thew in with the pin on Layla.

* Josh Mathews is in the back interviewing Matt Hardy. The lights go out… An Undertaker promo is shown and the lights come back on.

* Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk ends in disqualification
– CM Punk is out first followed by Matt. Slow action throughout with several long two counts. CM Punk goes for a chair shot when the “gong” hits and Undertaker appears. He chokeslams Punk through the announce table. This ends this week’s SmackDown.

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