*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – 7/22/2011

– Thanks to reader Zelda Root for the following WWE SmackDown tapings from tonight’s show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These will air this Friday, July 22nd on SyFy:



Dark Match:

* Michael McGillicutty beat Trent Baretta

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* SmackDown opens with Randy Orton sitting on a chair in the ring with the mic. He talks about the current state of the WWE. He calls out Christian and here comes the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian says Randy needs to work on his anger problem. They go back and forth for a bit, until Orton gets pissed and heads up the ramp only to be stopped by Teddy Long. Long says Randy will get a rematch but not tonight as he’s already agreed to face Kane in a street fight. He asks Orton to be the bigger man and walk away but Orton goes for Christian. The officials restrain him and Long informs Christian he’ll be facing Ezekiel Jackson after the break.

* World Champion Christian beat Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson with the Killswitch after a back and forth match with mixed crowd reaction for Christian. Anyone remember when these two faced off for who would be remembered as the last ever ECW Champion? Me neither.

* Michael Cole is in the ring and invites SmackDown’s Mr. Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan out. He comes out and Cole rips him for a while. Bryan says he doesn’t care what Cole thinks. Bryan talks about the physical sacrifices he’s made to get to the WWE. Bryan says he’s going to the first champion to announce when he’s going to cash in ahead of time because apparently he’s never heard of Rob Van Dam. He announces he’s cashing in April 1st in Miami at WrestleMania and fulfill his lifetime dream. Out comes Heath Slater for some unfathomable reason. He gives a heel promo and they start a match. I’m guessing there will be commercials during this match.

* Daniel Bryan beat Heath Slater with some submission move I didn’t recognize (not the LaBelle Lock). This was a pretty decent match considering Heath Slater was involved. The crowd liked Bryan but Heath’s involvement minimized crowd reaction somewhat.

* Matt Striker interviews Mark Henry backstage. Mark Henry says he has no regrets and everyone should fear him.

* Wade Barrett and Sheamus went to a double count out. They continued brawling after the match and eventually ended up back in the ring where Barrett ate a Brogue Kick. Seemed like Sheamus may be in the midst of a slow face turn.

* Kane gives a backstage promo saying he’ll use Randy Orton to kill his humanity and be a monster again.

* Randy Orton beat Kane in a street fight after an RKO onto a chair. Match saw Kane kick out of an RKO and Randy kick out of a chokeslam. Crowd was much more into this match than anything preceding it. Afterward Kane offered his hand and Randy shook it. Kane looked devastated by the loss.

Mark Henry came out and attacked Kane, doing the splash onto the chair around the ankle that he did to Big Show at MITB. Refs came to check on Kane and I assume this was the end of the TV taping.

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