*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – Nov. 20th

– Thanks to Mark Gessner and Prowrestling.net for these live spoilers of this Friday’s SmackDown, taped tonight in Philadelphia:



* Batista defeated Matt Hardy. Batista won after three spine busters and the Bstista Bomb. Sloppy at times. Batista received a face reaction.

* Vickie Guerrero asked Teddy Long what he was thinking by putting together the Brothers of Destruction back together. Mr. McMahon told Teddy that his decision to team up Taker and Kane was embicilic. Vince named Vickie his consultant for Smackdown. Her celebration was hilarious.

* Drew McIntyre beat Finlay in roughly two minutes. Before the match, Drew McIntyre cut a promo saying Finlay doesn’t love to fight, he loves to cry. Finlay went on offensive early but McIntyre his finisher out of no where to win.

* CM Punk came out to do a straight edge intervention. A table was set up in the ring with a garbage can and three buckets that hid cigarettes and booze. Punk read the Surgeon General label and ridiculed everyone for smoking anyway. Then he threw the cigs in the garbage can. Under the next bucket was a pill bottle. He called the pills failure in a bottle. He then poured out the pills. Next was a bottle of whiskey. Big pop. He poured out the whiskey. The crowd booed. R-Truth came out to his music. He said Punk thinks he’s better than everyone. R-Truth said that everybody makes their own decisions. He said he chooses not to like Punk. He hit Punk with a DDT, poured the trash can of cigs, pills, and whiskey on Punk, and then hit him with the trash can. He smashed Punk with it and left to a nice pop.

* John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler in a best of three falls match to retain the Intercontinental Title. Morrison won first fall with rollup. He was on offense from onset. He hit a 450 splash on Ziggler on the outside. He went for Starship Pain, but Ziggler got his knees up. Morrison rolled him up out of nowhere for the pin. Ziggler won the second fall with a reverse STO. Ziggler dominated Morrison after the first fall and got the pinfall to tie the match 1-1 after hitting his finisher. Morrison won third and final fall with Starship Pain. Dolph continued to dominate. After not being able to put Morrison away with a double knee gutbuster and an X-factor, Morrison hit a hurricanrana DDT. He followed up with Starship Pain and the match was over. Mark felt it was an awesome match.

* Mickie James beat Layla. Afterward, Layla directed Mickie to the Titantron where Michelle McCool sang “Old McDonald,” but included the lyrics “Piggy James” instead. They superimposed a pig nose onto Mickie’s picture and even used the old Loony Tunes, “That’s all folks.” Mickie left in tears.

* Batista came out to do commentary for Mysterio vs Tyson Kidd.

* Rey Mysterio fought Tyson Kidd to an apparent no-contest. Batista sat in on commentary. Kidd dominated early but Rey made a comeback with his flashy offense. Kidd bailed to ringside when Rey went for a 619. Mysterio climbed the turnbuckle and was set to dive outside, but Batista threw Kidd out of the way. The ref called for the bell, but no announcement. Rey attacked Batista. When Batista went after him, Rey was one step ahead and avoided him.

* Backstage, JeriShow bickered while trying to get on the same page. Show left and turned out the lights. Jericho panicked, thinking it was Taker.

* Undertaker and Kane fought Big Show and Chris Jericho to a no-contest in a non-title match. It turned into a brawl. Show chokeslammed Taker. Jericho hit the Code Breaker on Show. He then stole the World Heavyweight Title belt and left.

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