*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – Oct. 2nd

WWE taped this Friday’s Decade of SmackDown special tonight in Boston. Here are live spoiler results:



Dark Match:

*Mike Knox pinned Jimmy Wang Yang


– The Decade of Smackdown special starts off with Jim Ross and Todd Grisham inside the ring talking about their ten year anniversary and how the party has begun. They showed clips of numerous talents from all three brands backstage at a party.

*Batista pinned Kane.

*Backstage at the party, Teddy Long is seeing and greeting people. Michael Cole sees Finlay and calls him “Vintage Finlay.” Teddy Long bumps into Vickie Guerrero, who has short hair. She introduces him to her new boyfriend Eric (I believe Eric Escobar from WWE developmental).

*Hornswoggle kicks Michael Cole in the shin. Everyone is allowed into MVP’s VIP area except Zack Ryder. Iron Sheik is there.

*Video package remembering Eddie Guerrero. It was really well done and got a huge reaction.

*Dolph Ziggler & The Miz defeated WWE United States champ Kofi Kingston & WWE Intercontinental champ John Morrison. Jack Swagger did commentary at ringside.

*More party nonsense including Yoshi, Funaki and Jillian doing karaoke, The Iron Sheik choking on food, Hurricane gives him Heimlich maneuver. Jericho and Show walk into the party, Michael Cole throws up from drinking

*Taped Rock promo. They’re doing like 5 or 6 takes. He makes a random comment asking who Dolph Ziggler is. He then goes on to do the “Finally the Rock has come back to Smackdown” and talks about being there since the beginning. The crowd chants his name, etc. He talks about CM Punk, says he should be called BM Punk (bowel movement). He talks about making history with Taker, tells a camera guy to shave his chest, talks about Hell in the Cell and says maybe its time he guest hosts Raw. The crowd went nuts for that.

*WWE Women’s champ Michelle McCool defeated Melina in a Lumberjill match when Beth Phoenix interfered.

*Backstage Undertaker promo. He said that after the beating he gives CM Punk Sunday, Punk will crave the pills and alcohol he claims to despise.

*Drew McIntyre proposes a toast to himself at the party. Ron Killings attacks him and they brawl. It gets broken up and Teddy Long declares the party over.

*DX, John Cena, and The Undertaker def. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and CM Punk. The faces win after Taker hits a tombstone on Orton, all the faces get their finishers in, then all their music plays as confetti falls.

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