Stallone Daughter School Girl Outfit Photos Leak

Legendary actor Sylvester Stallone’s daughter Sistine Stallone recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture in a schoolgirl attire. Her caption read:




Meanwhile, her father Sylvester Stallone boasted one of the best builds of any actor in Hollywood for the role of boxer Rocky Balboa in the Rocky film franchise. His passion for fitness carried into his later years despite the health challenges. In a recent post made on Instagram, Stallone cautioned others against strenuous movements and working out too hard with a reference to martial arts icon Bruce Lee.

Sylvester Stallone got to play the lead role in the first film of the cult classic Rocky series in 1976, which he also wrote the screenplay for. He pulled off an impressive body transformation to bring the boxing star to life. His portrayal received widespread acclaim and boosted his celebrity to new heights.

Besides the sports film franchise, Stallone established himself as one of the premier action heroes of the 1970s and 80s. He delivered several blockbuster projects, including the First Blood and other Rambo films. He also developed a competitive rivalry with bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger based on the similarities between the two action stars.

Stallone took a trip down memory lane recalling his leanest look on the silver screen of all time in Mar. 2021. Although he presented a ripped package across the board, he revealed he weighed 166 pounds at under 3 percent body fat as his peak for Rocky III. In a recent Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone issued a warning to his fans against pushing themselves too hard in the training room with a reference to Bruce Lee.

Stallone combined a photo of Lee and himself performing the dragon flag exercise. He believes the movement contributed to his back pain.

“No wonder my back hurts.! When you WORKOUT remember EVERY exercise has long range consequences. Knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, wrists, neck if you push too hard, these strenuous movements will come back to haunt you. That’s why I’ve always said getting in really great shape Will kill you!

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