Star Wars Star Sadly Humiliates Mark Wahlberg

Mark Hamill recently supported Jack White’s insulting comments on Mark Wahlberg.



Former President Donald Trump recently stopped by a UFC fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and was spotted talking to a number of other notable attendees, including Joe Rogan, Guy Fieri, Mark Wahlberg, and Mel Gibson. Jack White took to his Instagram to call out those who interacted with Trump at the event.

“Anybody who “normalizes” or treats this disgusting fascist, racist, con man, disgusting piece of shit Trump with any level of respect is ALSO disgusting in my book. That’s you Joe Rogan, you Mel Gibson, you Mark Wahlberg, you Guy Fieri. This is a statement from me, not a discussion/debate. -Jack White III”

White often uses his Instagram page for political statements. In the past year, he’s spoken up about gun control laws, abortion rights, and free speech.

The UFC 290 event is not the first public event where Wahlberg has mingled with Trump. The actor played in a celebrity golf tournament with the former President over a decade ago.

“He was very Donald Trump-like, talking about the things that he does, things that he has, business interests, properties, stuff like that,” Wahlberg once told The Guardian about his first meeting with Trump. “But he wasn’t ever mean or rude. I don’t think he asked me too many personal questions, or about what I do.”

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