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Status on Johnny Impact’s pro wrestling future

Johnny Impact parted ways with Impact Wrestling recently. He took part in Slammiversary recently and now he is a free agent.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that John Hennigan is in a position to do whatever he desires. He can go to either WWE or AEW if he wants to, but he also might not go to either company.

Hennigan tried to become an established actor and worked as a wrestler to makes ends meet and it brought him favorable results. However, he now has a tough decision to make. He can go to work at WWE but that would mean he will not be able to act. On the other hand, AEW will allow him to act, but it is reported that he might not go for that either.

AEW, with a more limited schedule, would fit him better. But the last word was that he was leaning neither in the direction of WWE or AEW next.

It will be interesting to see where Hennigan ends up next. We will provide updates regarding Hennigan’s pro wrestling future when we get to know more.

  • CC

    While I agree that traditionally this is the outcome we would expect, with the upcoming Heyman/Bischoff era, who knows what will happen. I mean I know we all have to remain sceptical of change, but you never know.

  • I think the difference is, there’s at least an outside chance that AEW might at some point treat him like a main eventer, maybe even AEW Champ. With WWE he will never get that.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Maybe he’ll go to WWE again because he’s realised, and I say this with as much respect as possible, that his acting career isn’t really working out. “Russel Madness”, “Hercules Reborn” and a single scene in “Sharknado 5″… he’s not even at the level of his former tag partner, The Miz, as far as acting.

  • CC

    Considering his acting career has not exactly been huge and WWE are seemingly willing to cave into demands to keep people away from AEW right now, who says WWE would not let him act as well?
    Could end up with a deal similar to Ziggler where he can take time off to do outside projects.

  • Matthew Carter

    New Japan & ROH, put him in Bullet Club.

  • Soulshroude

    R.O.H. seems to fit the best for him, yeah.