Stephanie McMahon asked about AEW, describes current state of WWE

In an interview about WWE supposedly trying to eclipse Disney, of course Stephanie McMahon was asked about the newest promotion in town, AEW. It would have been interesting to see the reaction of McMahon as she was asked about the promotion given WWE is in SummerSlam hype mode at the moment.



“You’re starting to see some more competition from rivals like AEW, which recently made the move to cable.

I think it will ultimately make us all better, I really do.”

The interview with Fortune covers a number of other topics, including the current state of the company.

“How would you describe the current state of WWE?”

“Well, first I’m going to start with what hasn’t changed. It’s our mission to put smiles on people’s faces all over the world. Whether we do that with our entertainment or by giving back to the community; that has definitely not changed. The fundamentals of storytelling have definitely not changed. It’s still protagonist versus antagonist with conflict resolution. That’s no different than any great storytelling platform. The only difference is that our conflicts are settled inside a 20-by-20-foot ring.

What has changed is that we now have the ability to go, more than ever, direct to consumer. Whether that’s through our WWE Network, through digital and social media, it’s allowing us to have the one-on-one engagements with our fan base.”

Thoughts on McMahon’s AEW’s answer? It generally follows the ‘standard’ WWE answer you will likely hear from everyone, but do we believe it?

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