Stephanie McMahon Buried By Top WWE Names

Vince McMahon recently announced his retirement from his roles as Chairman and CEO of WWE. It was later clarified that he was also done with his work on creative. Some reports have emerged regarding his backstage performance as well. It was revealed that  Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will serve as Co-CEOs of WWE, while Triple H is EVP of Talent Relations and Head of Creative.



Steph had stepped down as the Chief Brand Officer few months back and it was reported that several internal members of the company doubted her abilities in the role of WWE Chief Brand Officer. The higher-ups reacted negatively to Stephanie’s decision.

Stephanie McMahon allegedly had weakness in a role

Dave Meltzer recently reproted that people internally within WWE believed Stephanie McMahon’s weakness was in managing the company’s Global Sales and Partnerships department. McMahon was also outrightly “buried” behind the scenes after she went on a hiatus.

As explained in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McMahon received criticism as operating the sales division wasn’t her strongest suit. Here’s what Meltzer revealed:

“This was noted internally as a weakness (this is what the leaked stories months ago buried Stephanie for being weak at), and it was a category where UFC far outdistanced WWE in when both companies otherwise are pretty comparable,” revealed Meltzer.

The promotion recently appointed Craig Stimmel as its new Senior Vice President and Head of Global Sales and Partnerships. The former Snapchat Head of Global Brands was roped in to improve the one area where Stephanie reportedly didn’t produce the best results.

It should be noted that Stimmel will report directly to the co-CEOs of WWE, and his expected day-to-day tasks were also disclosed:

“The company named Craig Stimmel the new Senior Vice President and Head of Global Sales and Partnerships,” Meltzer added. “He will report directly to Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon. He will be responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and leading the company’s sales organizations, and expanding the number of sponsors and promotional partners.”

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