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Stephanie McMahon Comments On If Darren Young Is A Gay WWE Character Or Not

When the Daily Beast’s Jen Yamamoto questioned whether WWE is “too scared to go LGBT” in the headline of a recent story, WWE executive Stephanie McMahon commented and said that Darren Young’s (a/k/a Fred Rosser III) character is not gay.

“Darren Young was the first WWE superstar to really come out as being homosexual, but his character in the show is not,” McMahon said. “At least, we haven’t done anything with it either way—just yet.”

She also stated that the idea of having gay characters on WWE TV is a possibility.

“It could very well pop up in WWE because we are all about what’s relevant, and what’s pop culture, and what people want to see,” she said. “So if there is an opportunity, we might just take it.”

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  • Shawn OB

    They sounded confident about that sexuality to me in this artcle.

  • JAckh45

    My wording on them being “gay” was incorrect. However they certainly were not considered a “straight” character in the least. And it comes back to my point. WWE would never be scared to portray a homosexual character in the least.
    Orlando Jordan was portrayed as bi sexual in TNA. My mistake.

    Even if Billy and Chuck (and Rico) were pretending to be gay… that still shows that up until the actual reveal that stable was considered a homosexual stable. The characters were homosexual and acted as such. Sure you can look back now and say “but they weren’t” since we know the story… however they 100% perceived the role.

    Val Venis had a segment running for about 3 weeks where he hinted at “love is not just between a man and a woman… but men can love eachother too” I’ve tried to find my evidence in this to back up the statement but youtube only shows so much when Val is concerned.

  • JAckh45

    Missing the point of WWE being scared to show that level of sexuality.

  • Ray

    Rico = Flamboyant not gay.
    Goldust = Married to Marlena/Terri. Only acted gay to freak his opponents out.
    Vito = Wore a skirt….
    Adrion Adonis = Not sure who this is so can’t comment
    Mickie James = Was more crazy and obsessive than gay. One could chalk her behavior up to simply playing head games.
    Orlando Jordan = Wasn’t gay at all.
    Billy and Chuck = Were only pretending to be gay for publicity and were never really open about any type of relationship. It was nothing but innuendos the whole time.
    Even Val Venis had a “gay” time at one period of time = Have never seen it.

  • Shawn OB

    None on jack45s list were openly gay characters per say, not even Billy And Chuck.

  • The Killswitch

    Just some food for thought: not every wrestler can be identified as “straight” unless they show interest toward divas on-screen. Unless Darren wants to be himself more, that could work in his favor, lest he pretend being someone he’s not.

  • Seth Becker

    I think they are referring to having a gay character in a non homophobic way.

  • Solid

    ah yes, the “please let me keep my job” gimmick.

  • nick-hulk

    Was thinking the same, plus Vito qas made clear he wasn’t “gay” just a man in a dress

  • Shawn OB

    What happened when Val Venis turned “gay”? Can’t find this on anywhere.

  • JAckh45

    there has already been so many “gay” characters… how can they honestly say WWE is scared.
    Adrion Adonis
    Mickie James
    Orlando Jordan
    Billy and Chuck
    Even Val Venis had a “gay” time at one period of time