Stephanie McMahon Has Fired Five WWE Stars

WWE NXT airs tonight, but it looks like there will be some faces missing from the show. According to a report from PWInsider, Stephanie McMahon and WWE have fired five superstars from the roster as of this writing. We shall keep this article updated if any further future endeavoured news comes to our notice.



According to the report, Bodhi Hayward from Andre Chase University has been let go. He was taken off the television with a storyline involving Duke Hudson where Hudson took him out. He stood out because of his facial reactions and was slowly building his base amongst the fans.

The second name on this list is Sloane Jacobs who joined WWE’s Performance Centre in March of 2022. She was trained by The Monster Factory and a 19-year-old talent who worked in the independent scene as Notorious Mimi was recently moved over to NXT Live Events in the WWE.

Erica Yan is another name to join this list, and she hails from Shanghai, China. She signed with the company in 2021 and started showing up on NXT late last year. Her last appearance was in September 2022 on the NXT brand, and she is now released.

The last two names on this list are Damaris Griffin and Ru Feng. The former is a 26-year-old talent that made appearances in NXT Level Up. It was the same show that Sloane Jacobs was a part of the program. She has her own time with NXT Level Up while Damaris Griffin was at a different time.

Ru Feng signed with WWE NXT a year ago during China tryouts and has appeared on 205 Live and NXT TV as an enhancement personality. There are no additional details about the performers available at this moment, and we hope they do well in their respective fields.

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