Stephanie McMahon Hospitalization Photo Leaks

Stephanie McMahon has had a busy week. The Billion Dollar Princess has seen tough days, but the recent changes in the WWE have taken her and everyone by surprise.



She first resigned from her role as the Chairwoman and co-CEO this week, and then went under the knife to heal her body. She feels confident that things will be better soon.

There were rumors that she had to step down as the company was to be sold to Saudi bidders. It turns out that wasn’t the case as she had to go through surgery to fix her ankle.

Busy week! Thank you Dr. Waldrop, @AndrewsSportMed and the Orthopedic Center Staff for fixing my ankle! And to Kevin Wilk @ChampionSportsM for already getting me started on rehab! (And of course to my amazing caregiver @TripleH ) #RoadtoRecovery

There are no reports of her joining back as she didn’t take a leave of absence, but actually resigned from the WWE this time. The wrestling world was shocked at what transpired in her life in a week’s notice.

Stephanie has been in the business since her childhood and understands every aspect of work required in the business, let alone company. She has seen the business grow from a small company to an empire.

Vince McMahon returned to the board and since then the resignation of Stephanie was considered as a side effect of this situation. While those were rumors, it can be confirmed that she was out not because of what happened in the company, but because of her personal conditions.

It would be interesting to see how things work out for her in the months to come as the wrestling world is shaken by the sudden turn of events in the space. We would have to see what happens next.

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