Stephanie McMahon & Jon Moxley Bombshell Revealed

AEW star Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose in WWE) recently released his new book, MOX and went on to take several amusing shots at Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon, saying he had sexual tension with her during a promo.  Vince McMahon Banned Star For Leaving WWE?



Jon Moxley takes a shot at Stephanie McMahon

Dean Ambrose character interacted with Triple H’s wife, Stephanie, in several WWE segments between 2014 and 2016.In a paragraph, the former WWE star described his mindset before facing Triple H by joking about the on-screen chemistry he had with Stephanie.

“Before we talk about you [Triple H] being a ring general, I just wanna mention that the sexual tension between me and Steph in those interviews was just good acting. She’s a hell of a performer. You’re supposed to be so much better than me, but I’m just not buying it. If I’m such a f***ing cockroach, then stomp me out, man. Do it. I f***ing dare you. The Game? Dude, get the f*** out of here with that. You ain’t s***,” Moxley added.

While recalling about their match at WWE Roadblock 2016, Moxley took shots at ‘The Game’. HHH defeated Moxley, then known as Dean Ambrose, to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ahead of WrestleMania 32. The current AEW star dedicated a chapter in his book to the match, which he considers to be one of the best of his career.

He recalled and interestingly explained how he mentally prepared himself for the match against Triple H:

“I’m where I need to be. It’s real to me at this point as I walk. F*** this guy. Big Bad HHH. Where you from again? Please. Oh, sorry, am I supposed to be more intimidated by the 108 world titles you booked yourself to win or your physique? I saw those ads you did with Ronnie Coleman for that creatine s***, you guys looked good. But you ever been hit over the head with a five-pound weight in a sock?” he wrote.

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