Stephanie McMahon Reacts To WWE Ratings Tanking

During a recent interview with SportsProMedia, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon recently discussed the current state of the WWE product and the direction the company is heading moving forward. Here, McMahon discusses how WWE is growing among women and how nearly forty percent of WWE’s audience for their programming is female. McMahon talked about why their viewership among women is so high and what WWE has to do to maintain that audience in the years to come. She told the outlet the following quote. This WWE Hall of Famer recently stated that Stephanie McMahon ‘changed WWE forever’.



“Women love action, but I think they also really love the stories. They love the characters, they love the drama. Women need a reason to watch, more so than men I think, so the more you can get your female audience engaged in the character and in the story, then they care. They care about who’s going to win, they care about who’s going to lose,” said McMahon.

McMahon then continued by saying: “It’s really the storytelling that captures people, and I think that’s one of the reasons our female viewership is so high.”

In other news regarding Stephanie McMahon, the Chief Brand Officer of WWE discussed the future of live events in another media interview as she recently spoke to TVInsider, giving the following quote: “Our fans are our secret sauce. When we pivoted to the ThunderDome, we brought our fans back [virtually] as well as the lights, the lasers, the pyro. There is an intersection of technology and live attendance.

McMahon concluded: “It happened faster than I think anyone anticipated, but we are absolutely looking to merge those worlds together the biggest and best way we possibly can. I know that our audience will be very vocal in telling us what they do and don’t like, which is certainly appreciated.” Stephanie McMahon revealed that the ThunderDome will be ”merged” with real fans last month.

Credit to SportsProMedia and SEScoops for the following quotes.

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