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Stephanie McMahon really wanted to see John Cena turn heel

On a recent episode of the Cheap Heat podcast, Stephanie McMahon addressed a subject that hasn’t been touched on recently – a John Cena heel turn.

“At one point in his career I really wanted to see him turn heel. I wanted it, as a fan, and I also thought it was the right thing to do. But it turns out I was wrong.”

Stephanie is also asked about whether she fought for Cena to go to the darkside:

“Oh yeah, totally I did, yeah. But I’m glad we didn’t go that way. I think now it would be odd for John to turn heel. I guess never say never because anything can happen in WWE but I don’t think I would really miss it. I think that we would miss him, I don’t know that we would miss the heel turn.”

Entertainment wise, a John Cena heel turn would reinvigorate him and possibly the industry, but does it make sense business wise for WWE? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

  • D2K

    Yeah. Especially with all the concussion lawsuits going on right now. Terrible idea.

  • Killswitch

    There’s absolutely no way they would turn a head injury into a work where someone turns into a psycho, especially after Benoit. I’m all about blurring the lines and thinking outside the box but the WWE is very protective of its talent in preventing concussions. Even if it’s a work, I feel it would be extremely cheesy as part of a storyline.

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  • SucIt

    They might not have the right angle but what if he suffered a masdive head injury very bloody and brutal and had frontal lobe damage like and not to be insensitive but Chris Benoit. Do a mass play on it. Have him turn phyco and uncontrollable unroll they are ready to bring him back to a face and commit him ( time off making another movie) then have him be a face that’s unpredictable? Just a thought.

  • D2K

    The Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick can’t work in the PG-filtered WWE Universe for starters. 90% of what got that gimmick over is censored today.

    John Cena turning heel is a train the left the station years ago. People just need to accept it and move on. There is nothing to gain from it now. WWE writers also are not talented enough to come up with a believable reason for him to be heel.

    As I stated before, you can’t have spent the last 7 years talking about how the boos don’t bother me, fans have the right to cheer/boo whoever they want, I like getting booed because it means the fans are passionate, I’m “Rising Above Hate” by not giving to people who want me to turn heel, I even lead “Let’s Go Cena-Cena Sucks!” chants and dance with people in the aisles when the fans are singing “John Cena SUUUUUUUUCKS!”……………and then turn heel and it’s supposed to be believable?

    Sorry. Try again. Hulk Hogan never said it was “cool” to be booed. He never embraced being booed as a face and made excuses for it. So when HE turned heel, it made SENSE and when he cut his semi-shoot promo at ’96 Bash At The Beach he MEANT everything he said, and it was totally believable why he turned heel. As mad as people were that he did it, no one could argue with the REASON why he did it. Same with The Rock. To this very day he is STILL in his chest about the “Die, Rocky Die” chants. When he joined the NOD and gave his shoot-promo, THAT made sense.

    A good villain can’t be just evil for the sake of being evil. There has to be a reason WHY they are evil and it has to be a relatable and believable reason. Why do you think Heath Ledger’s Joker was so over in The Dark Knight? Even though he was a nut job, his reasoning why he was doing what he did made sense even if you didn’t agree morally. Even Batman had to kind do concede to what he was saying. Those are always the best villains because there is a glimmer of redemption in them that you hold onto to so when they do see the light and change back to the good side, it a huge deal. Darth Vader anyone?

    There is no logic reason for John Cena to turn heel NOW. It doesn’t help anything. he has many great chances in the past. That’s all vapor now.

    You don’t have to be a fan for 20 years to understand that. You’ve only needed to be a fan for the last five years and perhaps even less than that. The horse left the barn years ago. He’s comfortable with who he is just as I’m comfortable turning the channel when he’s on. John Cena is never turning heel again. That’s that.

  • SucIt

    The perfect on set would be Cena with the Hardy boys and Cody Rhoads (as Cody Rhoads) sick of trying to uplift people that won’t help themselves. Working hard just to have to listen to people whine about being bullied, show the people the only way to beat a bully is to kick their teeth in. “The CDCA” (Cena don’t care anymore)

  • SucIt

    You are in the mind set that all the fans know how wwf/wwe history was done. With more and more new fans everyday this spin would take off in a heartbeat if done right. So many options to restart a whole new spin. Most of these fans don’t even know the hip hop Cena days. I understand where you are coming from don’t get me wrong but in the ever changing realm of WWE he has the charm to take his old fans with him and gain so many more. Once in awhile everyone loves a heel if he is a heel that relates to the people.

  • Buzzkiller73

    Love all the armchair booking, seriously. All of you have good ideas and present them well. That’s what I love about this artform, it can be interpreted differently by so many people who have creative minds. All of you keep the creativity flowing maybe someone in the know will read and catch a decent story idea. Stranger things have happened.

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  • wildeye

    Maybe if it is left alone it can happen as a surprise! If Undertaker can fight one more Mania have it against Cena! Cena tired of Niki hogging spotlight treats her like crap! Gets confronted by Daniel Bryan knocks him out of wwe having the Undertaker demanding shane to give him a match against heel Cena!

  • Hbk

    This could also lead to some good story to make aj be the top face as he’s got the move set and he’s loved by all the fans…. have him form a team for survivor series to battle Shane o macs team of cena, randy, baron Corbin, kane, and Shane himself….. then for wm 34 you could have aj have all the odds stacked against him…. have cena be wwe champ and randy be ic champ….. and in the first match it be aj vs randy at wm for ic title and if he wins then he moves on to main event vs cena for the title…. have aj walk out as ic and wwe champ at mania 34…

  • Hbk

    Well I heard cena is going to leave after mania to film another film… I say when he’s ready to return maybe summerslam…. have him show up during the main event let’s say. Aj styles vs randy Orton wwe title match? Have aj be the neutral and orton be the face… what I mean nuetral like stone cold was back in attitude era just whooping everyone’s butt.. neither a good nor bad guy.. and during that match have Shane o mac come out to try and screw aj out of the title…. have aj fight him off and then aj and randy continue fighting for maybe 5 more mins and just as Shane is getting back up and grabbing a chair to go after aj that’s when cena comes out…. every one would think he’s coming after Shane and to help aj…. but instead he aa’s aj and he randy and Shane o mac form a new alliance.. just a thought 2 of wwes biggest names from early 2000s along with Shane o mac would be a great heel stable…..or just have him come back as a Hollywood cena kinda like how rock came back as Hollywood rock in 03 god that was the greatest rock ever lol…

  • CC

    Exactly. If it is done right, then it would totally turn the WWE on its head just as the NWO did with WCW.
    Not only turn him heel, but have him turn heel big style. Make him put someone on the shelf and maybe put together an NWO style faction without it being and NWO copycat.
    The best way to do the faction thing would be to actually bring in some outside talent rather than established stars. Imagine bringing in a bunch of guys from RoH, TNA and Japan etc, and for the sake of storyline have them not being under contract. This would allow so much more freedom for anarchy.

    Just dont let it get too out of hand with a million members or having Vince pulling the strings behind the scenes.

  • Buzzkiller73

    John turning heel would be as revolutionary as Hulk doing it when he joined the NWO. If done correctly he could indeed reinvigorate the industry. If creative could keep from bungling it like they have so much lately. There would be a polar shift, with the “smarks”, chanting let’s go Cena and the kiddies chanting Cena sucks. It doesn’t have to be permanent and he could be easily re-turned. Hopefully they haven’t completely given up on this idea.