Stephanie McMahon Rehires Two Controversial WWE Stars

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are bringing back Sasha Banks and Naomi, with the two reaching an agreement with WWE. They may return tonight on WWE Raw, reports.



Sasha Banks has been away from WWE. She and Naomi had walked out of Monday Night RAW due to creative differences. There have been various sides to the story already reported, including that the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions confronted WWE Chairman Vince McMahon over their issue. WWE left that part out of their official narrative, but Banks and Naomi did have words with the boss. In the official statement from the company, it was noted that Sasha Banks and Naomi dropped their tag titles on the desk of John Laurinaitis and left the building. Saraya, formerly working in WWE as Paige, participated in a media scrum at Starrcast and spoke about the matter.

Paige believes Sasha Banks and Naomi will return to WWE

She said:

“I mean, everyone loves Sasha Banks, right? So the four horsewomen in general is such a big and critical part of the women’s revolutions. So, I think she’ll be back. I think now with Hunter in charge, and kind of like taking the reigns and everything anything.”

Saraya noted how things changed last night at SummerSlam with Triple H in charge of creative and she feels that the show was a turning point for the company. She added:

“So, I feel like eventually, you know Sasha and Naomi hopefully in my opinion will come back.”

Dave Meltzer reported last week that WWE was going to make an attempt to bring both women back and with Vince McMahon no longer in charge, it seems more likely than ever that they will return near future.

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