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Stephanie McMahon reveals her Royal Rumble role

Stephanie McMahon

  • Darrin Tyler

    That will be perfect. :]

  • CC

    With so many spots open, it is going to lead to a lot of speculation as to who will fill those spots, and will in essence make it more interesting than the mens match as that will probably only give a couple of surprises.

    Of course it will be a mix of “legends” and NXT stars, but who exactly?

    For a single Rumble, you could almost guarantee that most retired females would at least consider a one time return if they are still physically capable, with the likes of Michelle McCool and Trish Stratus already hinting to the fact they want in.

    After her HoF induction, and hints of wanting to step back in the ring one more time, I could easily see Alundra Blayze return.
    Of course the Rhonda Roussey rumours will pick up pace as well.
    It could also see a return of females who have left the company in recent years who are still active, and they could then stay on the roster. (I don’t see it happening, but just as an example, Emma).
    And of course it could also be padded out by one shot appearances from women who appeared in the Mae Young Classic. Personally I would love to see Toni Storm appear, even if it is just a one off.

    Having 14 open spots is actually a great idea, as long as they fill those spots well.
    Only have NXT talent come in if they are gonna get a worthwhile spot on the roster. Nobody needs a female Ty Dillinger, especially if it spoils the womens division in NXT.

  • CC

    I heard a rumour the winner will be Santina Marella.
    Not sure why we have not heard much from her in years.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Wow, 14 more spots to fill…. they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do!

    I wonder at what intervals the superstars will enter. I’m thinking 1:30.