Stephanie McMahon says WWE stories are prepared a year in advance

Vince McMahon has a habit of changing the script for WWE stories whenever he feels like it, which often leads to frustration for both fans and superstars alike. However, WWE does plan its stories in advance according to Stephanie McMahon.



While speaking to the Sports Business Journal, Stephanie McMahon said the company plans all of their stories a year in advance. However, there is always the possibility of things changing, which she said is ”inevitable”.

“[WWE] tries to have a basic plan with their script a year out, but inevitably, things happen and stories change. Another beautiful thing about WWE is because we are live 52 weeks a year, we have no off season, we have no reruns, and we essentially have a live focus group every single night at these live events telling us what’s working, what’s not working, and what they don’t care about so we can shift our plans as needed.”

It isn’t too hard to believe WWE plans their stories a year in advance considering NJPW’s booker Gedo plans their stories two years ahead of time.

Even the main events for Wrestlemania 33 and 34 were planned one year in advance of the respective shows. Even though Becky  Becky Lynch was added to Main 35’s main event, the plan was always to have Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

However, the demand of the fans will always be a factor in the storylines in the end.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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