Stephanie McMahon Speaks on Future Celebrities Who Might Be Hosting RAW

– In a Business Week interview that likens WWE’s new celebrity guest hosting gimmick to Saturday Night Live, Stephanie McMahon teases other celebrities WWE is hoping to get into the ring.



According to McMahon, potential guests include Freddie Prinze, Jr (the actor and former WWE Creative Team member who would plug the eighth season of “24,” which starts in January), Bob Barker (the famed former “Price is Right” host) and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Stephanie touted the show’s multiple promotional platforms–more than 5 million viewers each week for RAW, a website that does millions of impressions and the likelihood of garnering mainstream media attention as host–as beneficial for celebrities who wish to guest host RAW as a means of hyping their products.

Regarding the celebrities hosting RAW, USA’s Executive VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy Chris McCumber said this, “They have something to promote, and we have the platform that they need. Raw is like a male soap opera anyway. We’re just adding a little more entertainment.”

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