Stephanie McMahon suspends Becky Lynch indefinitely

Monday Night Raw kicked off with a confrontation between the Billion Dollar Princess and The Man in the middle of the ring. Becky Lynch was wearing a knee brace and was noticeably limping during the segment.



Stephanie McMahon asked Lynch to see a doctor to get her leg checked out. Lynch refused multiple times, forcing McMahon to suspend her indefinitely until she changed her mind. Lynch, irate, attacked McMahon, attempting to put her in the Dis-Arm-Her.

The pain in Lynch’s leg forced her to let go, but she then took down the security that attempted to apprehend her before charging back at McMahon, who kicked her in the knee to escape.

Lynch will surely meet more repercussions after this attack. Will the former SmackDown Women’s Champion lose her opportunity at Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania?

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