Stephanie McMahon Threatens Triple H Backstage?

WWE recently ushered in a new era with Stephanie McMahon becoming the co-CEO and Chairwoman while Triple H taking the role of Cheif Content Officer. However, former WWE writer Vince Russo recently blasted ‘The Game’ for the disappointing booking on Monday Night RAW.



Vince Russo slams Triple H for Monday Night RAW booking

Triple H is currently leading the creative process in WWE after Vince McMahon retired from his role as Chairman and CEO of the company.  In this week’s post-show review on Sportkeeda’s Legion of RAW, Russo mentioned that fans need to stop worshiping Hunter. He also took issue with Women’s matches dominating the main event on RAW. He joked that The Game may have been blackmailed by Stephanie McMahon to have the females higher up on the card.

He said:

“These people have to stop bro, because nobody can take you seriously when you’re trying to defend this and talk about what a genius Triple H is by booking match after match after match. And bro, what’s the deal with the woman main events? I’m starting to believe, did Stephanie threaten you or something? Did Stephanie say unless you put a women’s match on the main event, there ain’t gonna be no ‘hey nanny nanny’ in the bedroom? Literally, is that what went down?”

Furthermore, Russo detailed that with the advancement in technology and social media, fans now know what’s happening backstage in WWE. However, he stated that if fans were not aware of the entire Vince McMahon episode, they would not have pointed out that it was someone else booking the show.

“What has changed bro with this show? Seriously, if we didn’t know any of that stuff went down with Vice McMahon, would we think there was a change on the show?”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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