Steve Austin & Booker T Royal Rumble Rumor Leaks

WWE Royal Rumble is set to take place tonight and the event usually brings some major surprising returns for the fans. Now, reports have emerged regarding the Royal Rumble status of WWE Hall of Famers ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Booker T.



Steve Austin shocked the pro wrestling world when he returned to the ring at WrestleMania 38. Now fans are eager to witness the Texas Rattlesnake back inside the ring.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE offered Steve Austin a ton of money for a potential match. They could certainly use him for a marquee match situation, but it was also reported that WWE hasn’t heard back from Steve Austin about having another match.

Fightful has been asking around about both The Rock and Steve Austin, and the Royal Rumble. Talent that we’ve spoken to — to the tune of over a dozen — haven’t been told anything, but said that it’s well known that WWE wants of them. One even noted that the money increase between the pitches to Austin for Brock Lesnar in the fall, and Reigns in January was “significant” and obvious that WWE wanted him for something. The word that we got back was that WWE hadn’t heard back from Austin about that match.

Meanwhile, Booker T explained on the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast why he couldn’t just declare himself in the Royal Rumble match like other WWE stars. To clarify the rules of the Rumble he stated that one can only declare if they are an active member on the roster; retired alumni cannot declare themselves. He went on to explain that WWE must send the invitation and something more with it and that he is awaiting both of them:

I’ve seen people say, ‘man, why don’t you just declare yourself in the Rumble.’ Let me get you guys the rules of the Rumble. You can only declare if you’re an active member on the roster. You can’t be a retired alumni and declare yourself, okay? They have to actually send you an invitation, you know, and with that invitation it’s a little something else to go with it. We ain’t gonna talk about that. You know what I mean. So, I’m waiting on both of them.

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